Sunday, October 18, 2009

Another new week

Tomorrow its another new week.
Monday! I am suppose to feel positive about Monday.
I don't know why, I feel not so good.
Maybe I am nervous.
3 reason to feel nervous this week.

1st - My interview coming up on 20th (Tues).
I need to load my brain with all those serious info.
Serious meaning business talks.
Get myself updated.
I don't what to expect but I definate try my best.
I need to get myself into this corporate world if I want to be somebody important.
Yes! This is important... can I make it to be in the corporate scene?
What do I need to sacrifice?
I don't know... I hope not a big one...

My current small timer business its my preparation if my bunion feet getting serious and also for my old age. Most of it extra income which I think helps me a lot!

2nd - How to skip my work to go for that interview?
I feel guilty about this.
However, my future is more important.. don't you think so???
Hope everything fine and God give me courage for this 'white lie'!

3rd - My International Business paper this Saturday.
I seriously feel nervous about this.
This subject is way too serious for me.
I am trying hard to study and keep up with this subject.
Hope I go in the exam hall with calm mood and can answer the question smoothly.

I hope for a good week ahead and pray hard everything fine and GOD BLESS all of us!

Ah! watch my Jun Pyo on Boys Before Flower again... I just can't get over you.
I am obsessed!!!!!!

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