Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Got carried away again

I feel proud of myself this week.
I went to Genting after 10 years.
Best thing is I drove up and down there... ish so terror la me!
Hebat! hebat!
I feel like Jay Chou in Initial D, my car not 86 but 5756 hahah...
cepat sing song like Jay Chou and sell tofu... uhuhuhuhu
But of course i drive with two hand on the steering not only one... over la..
If i can do that...mmmmm i become drift queen ledi..
Cool babes!!!
Yeah cool babes yang comel!
When you are 35 years no more cute la no more comel but yuckssss!!!!

Genting was very very cold!
Aish! how am I going to London???

Air Supply? mmm the show ok.
I only know 2 of their song.
The singers old and saggy!
But overall performance entertaining!
I can see all the auntie and uncle singing and dancing and they are just in their own world.
Even one auntie sat behind me was singing like she is the back up singer for the night.
They were young once.
Maybe I will like them when Linkin Park come another 10 years from now!!!!
huhuhhuh oh nooooo...
Nothing much that I can do to just enjoy the night and join the crowd!

While on the way visiting all starbucks in Genting to hunt for coffee mug or thermos we bump into one of the guitarist.
Yup! we were walking against the strong cold win and thanks to the xiao mei.
I was freezing like hell (oh hell will be hot) just to find the starbuck!!!
He look like Doughtry though!
He was walking towards Safari the Disco.
But i more interested on the other one , more Italiano look with dark hair and tall... but this one he just 'Botak', not my type woorrrr...

Last night, I weighted myself and I was almost fainted to see increase 6kg!!!!!
Aiyoh! how can this happen.
Only last week before off to Genting I lost 3kg.
How can this happen????
Just now I weight myself again... mmmm the result still at increase 6kg.
Ishhhh!!! I've been a good gal la this 2 weeks.
Exercise...running on the threadmill for 30 minutes and working out on the bicycle and abs machine every Saturday!
Then I lift up my weighthing machine... ahhhhhh! its happen again... the setting out la...
Ceh! make my heart stop for 10 seconds la...
Hehehehe i lost 3kg... ish happy happy happy..

This week thought of going celebrating my birthday night at Seol Bolgogi grilled and steamboat buffet spread but yaikkkkksssss! my Boss beautiful plan and damage to ppl like me (sickening when 2 weeks got to spend my Saturday night with my Boss).
Imagine that I need to almost celebrate my 35th Birthday at Ragaa Awards 2009.....

Apa ni ? apa ni? how can this happen to me??? (sing song like simple plan song)

Donno what to say!!! I need to sacrifice myself again for the sake of surviving to this job! Damn it!

Anyway, I am pretty busy on Sunday too!!!
With more presentation coming up and hopefully recruiting more people under me and start earning cash out of it!
Hard work!
Thats all I need for time being...

Exam coming up next 2 weeks....

huhuhuhuh... everytime I want to open my book my Goo Jun Pyo come to my mind!!!!
Ah!!!! i want to be him!!!!
Goo Jun Pyo forever!!!
Sarang haeyo!!!!!

Ok ok... i will start my revision tomorrow morning...
Need to go straight to turbo ledi no more gear one or two or three....

mmmm.. i feel like want to buy another teddy bear la!!!
I want light brown teddy with blue ribbon!

Oh ya! I got my birthday present from my 'chicken lil' last week.
Car MP3 player and cute teddy mouse pad.
She so thoughtful!!!

Thank you, Xiao Mei!!!
Love ya!!! xoxo

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