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Got carried away again

I feel proud of myself this week. I went to Genting after 10 years. Best thing is I drove up and down there... ish so terror la me! Hebat! hebat! I feel like Jay Chou in Initial D, my car not 86 but 5756 hahah... cepat sing song like Jay Chou and sell tofu... uhuhuhuhu But of course i drive with two hand on the steering not only one... over la.. If i can do that...mmmmm i become drift queen ledi.. Cool babes!!! Yeah cool babes yang comel! When you are 35 years no more cute la no more comel but yuckssss!!!! Genting was very very cold! Aish! how am I going to London??? Air Supply? mmm the show ok. I only know 2 of their song. The singers old and saggy! But overall performance entertaining! I can see all the auntie and uncle singing and dancing and they are just in their own world. Even one auntie sat behind me was singing like she is the back up singer for the night. They were young once. Maybe I will like them when Linkin Park come another 10 years from now!!!! huhuhhuh oh nooooo... Not

I want to loose weight

I am desprately want to loose my weight! I tried do sit up until my tummy cramped. I ate NH DTox slim pill. I taken many many or whatever said can loose weight but yet my tummy still bloated. What happen to me? I am not like this last time. It can't be because I grow old? I feel heavy and not healthy at all. Whenever I wear my clothing , I feel so so bulky like a sack of rice or wheat! Tempting to go for slimming centre but it is too expensive for me. Somemore now I am on heavy thrifty crisis for my up coming business plan. Argh! want to look good but yet still ugly! I feel so lack of confident right now! Hope can loose some 2 kg with my new regime which I just started last week. I feel so tired right now. Can't even open a book to do some readings!

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