Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Took leave today to finish up my SCS Individual - Part 1 assignment.
I will submit tomorrow.
4 case studies analysed based on 8 topics.
Its all about CSR.
CSR its an interesting topics but can be very tough due to world change very fast nowadays.
Every second is different CSR and people will response differently and its very hard to predict.

I received our MRC group presentation report.
I am proud to say we manage to get a Credit overall.
I wrote it by myself for the group with survey forms attached and gathering data done by my other group member.
Received Distinction on the presentation, explaination and elaboration.
However just a Pass Level 1 for the survey form and gathering data which is not sufficient according to comment.
Well overall Credit which is not bad for tough Lecturer.

International Business result out yesterday and overall I got Credit again.
Congratulation to me because I thought I will get just a Pass Level 1 because the subject was tough in written exam.

Next to my schedule is concentrating on my up coming interview which is I yet to set up any appointment.
Thought of doing it Thursday or Friday.
I want it to be last minute thing so I can prepare myself well.

My another MRC assignment (Individual report) due on 11th Dec 2009.
Ah! my SCS class starting 10th until 13th Dec 2009.
So, my deadline to myself will be 9th Dec 2009.
I have another due date on the 20th Dec 2009 for SCS individual report part 2.

I don't want to mention on my work load in the office.
Seriously , deep in my heart I feel like dying straight away...

Don't you think I can't barely breathing here???

Seriously, I am tired but have to pretend to be strong.

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