Sunday, November 8, 2009

Malacca Trip Jalan Jalan cari Cendol

Next week will be a busy and stressful week for me.
Thanks to one person who always trying to cheer me up...
Brings me to Malacca since I have been requesting for this trip for quite a while.
Main reason to Malacca this time is to visit Jonker Walk and hunt for best Nyonya Cendol.

Happy smile.... near to river side under the hot sun..
Hot hot hot

Ah... who is that fatty woman??

Hungry hungry thirtsty thirsty Hot hot.. faster take my photo

Here goes my Supermodel post!!!

I am at Laksamana Point

Holland??? or Malacca???

Back lane and river side... mmmm many things can be done

Boat ride...

Jonker jonker... I am coming

Yes!!! finally i am here.. lets the hunt begin!!!

1st dessert called Amoy - Fishy shape waffle with nyonya kuih pandan flavour as filling
2nd - gula melaka nyonya cendol

mmmmm yummy.....
Cendol - ok la
can't really taste that gula melaka
Nice door and signage

Fruitty chocolate.. delicious

Jonker walk

Waiting for dinner

Grilled cockles & lala & sushi... mmmm yummy
Imagine eating sushi on the back lane... mmmm not so match... should have take the grilled fish instead!!!
Grilled lala and cockles very expensive too...
Behind me is Aik Cheong coffee store - bought back 2 bags of coffee
and not forgetting my 2nd cendol for the day Nyonya Cendol....
Not that nice... coz the ice was too roughly shave...

Notice this on top of one of the shop

I use to hate pineapples but I kind of like the taste now after gave a try last year.. so I am now enjoying the taste ..
Pineapple juice... sweet and refreshing..
Thought of bought back few pineapples but lazy to peel in another word I dont even know how to peel it... RM1.50 each

Final Nyonya Cendol at Bibik House
This is the best Cendol... ice was smooth and melt in your mouth and the Santan and cendol was yummy too...

Famous Malacca Pineapple Tarts - bought back 2 packs for my hungry stomach

My background is a man giving tatto to one of his customer... street tatoo.????.. mmmm quite scary!!!! how about the maintainence???
But according to that man - not hurt at all ...

End of my Jonker Walk visit....
It was memorable and happiest and sweetest day in my life.
Back home and read an email saying this Sunday will be having a presentation...
Ah! suddenly I feel the stress ....

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