Saturday, November 21, 2009

Pre Xmas 2009

Last 2 weeks been a madness week for me.
Classes, assignments,works, deadlines and more and more.
I was very stressed.
Xmas & New Year this year is not that happening and what I am waiting for like previous years.
I just hope 2009 never end.
When its end , I am afraid to face 2010.
I am afraid to face what coming for me.
I dont know what to expect.
I believe I worked hard these 3 years.
Although, I can feel my life change from 15 years ago but I am still lack of something.
I need a life.
Life like a normal people do.
Not just about working only.

Coming week will be another stressful weeks for me . Yes this will only end after Jan 2010.
So my life from now on till then will be up side down and stressful one!
I almost skip my usual Xmas Dinner with Big B , Lil J and Pretty Xiao Mei.
I will find room to meet them although I feel hard to breathe with my tight schedule.
I will still find time to go back home to spend time with the old ones!

Although right now I feel betrayed by their behaviour - never end hiding here and conspiracy here and there. Hate when they did this again and again....repent!

Today, woke up and a friend called up for 2012.
Well, why not?
I can spend the whole night studying and continue on Sunday.
As usual my favourite spot always Pavillion coz of their Food Republic.
Managed to buy ticket for 11.30 am show.
Grab quick brunch at FB - my favourite Ipoh Seafood Curry Laksa.
Then off for movie.
Yes my stomache still have room for Caramel Popcorn!
Need to release my stress with all the food.

After movie about 3.00, I feel like eating Nasi Dagang.
So head to Lil Ben for their special Nasi Dagang & Lemon Grass Tea.
mmm Yummy!!!!!

Hihihihih... today no need to read books yippeeeey!!!
Sailormoon aka Puteri Bulan

ahahahaha comel tak???

Whats that??? deer suicide mission???

Where is the Santa?

Beautiful scene at Pavillion... mmm love Xmas

Everything seems to feel like magical and fantasy... perfect for me

Ah ... let me sleep to dream about my fantasy and sweet dream...

Nasi Dagang, Cut Fruit (Fuji Red & Green Apples) & Lemon Grass Tea
Only RM9.90
Visit Lil Ben @ Pavillion (near to Old Town , Pizza)
Tasty ha?

Yum yum yum yum....
You can watch me eating but I am not going to share with you...

I am naturally drunken.... soooo no need alcohol... just a lemon grass tea is enough to make me high.. ahahah

Here goes my Saturday afternoon....end up at lil ben
So... whats next and whats coming up apart from my continuously deadlines and workload ???
I just bought myself one expensive gift for my 35th birthday cum Xmas & new year gift...
What is that???
Ahahahahaha.... secret until it reach me next week...
Yes! me and my evil mission again..
I need some entertainment to release my stressful life.

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