Sunday, December 27, 2009

Xmas Dinner@Alexis 19 Dec 2009

We meet once a year.
Normally nearer to Xmas or New Year.
Its been almost 5 years we know each other.
starting from working at the same place called PWR Design Sdn Bhd.
The place that given me opportunity to enter Media & Advertsing Industry.
Since most of us had left the company with our own personal reason, we promise each other to meet again at least once a year.
Starting from year 2007 with 5 of us at Delicious, Bangsar (Brandom, Jamie, Wai Gin, Pat & Myself).
Then 2008 with only 4 of us at Chulo, Jaya One PJ (Brandom, Jamie, Wai Gin & Myself).
This year down to 3 of at Alexis ,Garden MidValley.
Hope next year we meeyt again and the number will not reduce.
Thank you to Jamie & Brandom for giving me piece of their personal advise on how horrible I look this year. Yes! my study & work really eating me up.
Like I promise you people... next year I will meet you people with new me.
Ahahahahah... you just wait for new me... next year is the year for me to beautify myself!
No more stress!
OK...lets see what we have for this year Xmas meeting... (You should know it really take me sweat , blood & tears to make it to this meeting). Jamie should know my horrible experience coming to MidValley... the place I really hate to be during weekend and peak season..

Dessert for the day
Chocolate Berry... mmm sorry guy & gal they are out of their famous Tiramisu so we have to settle with this one.
Not bad after all...

Ceaser Salad - ok la...

Lemon Risotto - look horrible but taste not that bad for 1st timer...
We should order Paela instead

Pepperoni Pizza - mmmm too cold coz we busy with our gift and chatting

Dom & Me

Chili Jamie & Me

Dom & Jamie (Jamie look so small)

My sailormoon pose with Dom Xmas gift- heavy wor Dom

Busy opening Dom Gift to me - so difficult one ar?? Wanna give or don't want

Sorry la Dom ! I give up! you got to open it for me... you wrapped it! ehehehe

Finally... my Anna Sui pouch!!! ehehehe

Thank you Dom! Merry Xmas

Thank you Thank you

Jamie.. trying to open Dom's gift to her

Again... Jamie also cannot open your gift Dom . So you got to open le... eheheheh poor guy..
Dom : Girls ! next year I vow not to wrap your present anymore... why I end up opening my present to you girls??? Iyah Iyah Iyah.... OMG few girls on the other table is looking at me... uh uh uh macho macho maintain my power... iyahhhhhhh!!!

Finally... Jamie & her Marc Jacobs tote.. sweet
So as mentioned ealier.. next year both of us want at least LV or Gucci & not Kunci hehehe

My gift to Dom... look at the effort this year... surprise hah.. Rina skills not bad!

Jamie's gift from me... look at that wrapping & the deco.. I feel proud of myself

Healthy pendant for Dom this year... why don't like it?
You can sell it at ebay ahaahahah dare you to do that???
I will kill you!!

Hope you like it Dom!

Hey! pendant come with platinum warranty card... expensive wor

My gift to Jamie - nice or not? Gold for you this year cutie!

No more silver for you... Gold indeed!
You look pretty with the gold bangle & warmers I bought you... hope this bring you cheer!

Burner & incent from Jamie to me...

Yes! stressful year for me this .. so really need this..thanks

and... lovey silver chain from Diva Thanks Jamie ...

Here are my incent cutie holder from Jamie

CK from Jamie to Brandom... ahahaha you must be smelly since Jamie have to buy you this... (joking Dom just joking)

Dom : Say ar Rina say ar... let me pour that CK to cure your bad mouth
Rina : uhuhhuhuhuh what are you doing Dom??? I m sorry Im sorry... I said I am sorry....

Dom : Yeah ! lets ignore that Chili Jamie in front of us.... bla bla bla bla bla
Rina : your tea is Jasmine like woman taste la you ahahaha mine is Ginger Lemon ... I need this Dom coz I don't fart for 2 weeks ledi...
Dom : Aiyoh! Rina sure smelly one when you back home tonight mine Jasmine coz you should look at my face radiant & glowing...
Rina : Ya ya you got free facial @ Herbaline la and me got to pay. Eh ! this year I call you Oui Oui since your T Shirt spell that. So next year Woit Woit ar???
Dom : Aiyoh Rina so creative one ar you... next year I will wear Doink Doink... ahahahaha..Anyway that Jamie arrrr aiyo that fella arrr
Rina : Go on go on... I like gossip... uhuhuhuh
Dom & Rina : Jamie Jamie you sleep ar????
We ended our dinner at almost 10.30pm... with very good memory and hope to see each other again...
The end...

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Cam Whore week

Done with my SCS group assignment - portion.
Thought of continue with my individual SCS assignment.
I am too tired.
My health condition really getting worst.
Very heaty.
Cough and my voice totally out.
Dare not talk in public!
Whole day in front of computer squeezing my brain juice out totally need a compensation.
A friend asked me out for a dinner!
Well here the story goes.....

Cam Whore - episode 1

Cam Whore - episode 2

Cam Whore - episode 3... its not the end... more and more

garlic soya sauce?

SE Energy tumbler

The damage for my sumptious dinner at Pepper Lunch , Pavillion

Cam Whore - Episode 4

Beef Pepper Rice on hot plate

After the mixing... well like the fried rice le... with lots of pepper... kind of nice though due to its simplicity taste!

Cam Whore - Episode 5

Wholemeal Siew Pau & Custard Pau... very soft... delicious to eat it hot.. RM1 each @ Pak Hailam Kopitiam @ Sg Wang Lower Ground -wish could eat more

Too ful to try their Chicken Rice but look good

Cam Whore - episode 6

Chicken Glutionuos Rice at Pak Hailam Kopitiam - very soft but without the egg yolk... I love the one with salty egg yolk.

Guess what is this???

Cam Whore - Episode 7

Last but not least Gualinko to reduce heatiness in my body...
Hope could recover soon....
2 more assignments to go..... aishhhhhh!!!!!

Friday, December 25, 2009

Xmas 2009

I have been sick kitten for almost a week.
I am now still sick , no voice and body feel overheat.
My assignments....
I have not start anything.
Thought of rejuvenate for tonight and start tomorrow.
Hope it comes true and God give me full energy to start somewhere...
God Bless!
This is my Xmas 2009 for me.
Not a good one but I feel bless at least my life still good compare to others...

Sunday, December 20, 2009


Above are all gift received for this Xmas.
I forgot to include another one which is from Jamie the love necklace.
Boss gave me laptop bag (where is the laptop?)
Mel - My new Iphone casing
KC - Black pashmina
Brandom - Anna Sui Pouch & one Japanese limited edition SWEET Magazine
Jamie - Love silver necklace & incent burner
Myself - Iphone & SE Tumbler (Energise water)
Not like many other month of Dec in previous year, this year Dec is the most hectic for me.
I normally see Dec as month of holiday and festive but this year I have been working for 2 Public Holidays in a row. I hate it!
I have back to back assignments and I have not even have chance to start any of it.
My health getting worst!
Since yesterday night I was down with bad migraine and bad sore throat.
Then here comes high fever!
I feel a lot better now but still need some rest for tomorrow and day after tomorrow battle.
Last night , although not feeling good I forced myself to be present at our yearly Xmas dinner.
This year we are down to only 3 of us . Wai Gin was down with German meascles (donno whether my spelling is right).
Meeting at Alexis , Gardens , Midvalley. I can say it was a dramatic journey to get there for me.
I hate and hate and hate driving to midvalley during weekend.
It was jam and the parking was so confusing to me. I dont have that patient to wait and my mood swing is not so good plus I am in pain.
I was in pain with migraine.
I have bad sore throat.
Make thing worst it was my 1st day period as well.
I round and round but impossible to get parking.
I decided to wait.
Finally got one car coming out.Guest what one Indian man came and stand in the middle blocking at the parking spot.
I told him I saw it 1st and was waiting for it.
He said if you dare come la...
What the heck.... I was so angry!!!!
Then ok ... I dont want to fight or quarell with this low educated ppl.
Then I went off and waited at another end.
Ah! lucky got one car coming out.
Guess what the same man came and claimed its his parking!
Hell!!!!! I was shivering controlling my freaking temper!!!!!
I sped off far away from that place.
In my heart was cursing on why on earth I have to force myself here when I hate it so much!
I feel like wanna explode!
I can control myself park a side and started crying loudly in the car.
I just want to let it out!
While crying then saw one man walking.
With big sob and tears and red face I asked the man whether is he going out and can I take the parking.
Kindly he asked me am I ok?
And he show me his car behind me..
I just answer him I got so stressed up with the parking he just smile...and said this one is yours!
Thank you!
Thank you!
Call Jamie and said I found the parking and she sense from my voice I am not alright!
Again I broke down!
Guest! My hormon change.... i feel so angry and sad coz of the incident happened before. I felt being bullied by that stupid idiotic black man!
Brandom and Jamie commented I look very sick and tired.
They mentioned about me not taking good care of myself and dont want to see me like this again. I know I know....
Brandom also mentioned I need to go for check up , afraid of cancer or something coz of the spot on the face.
I feel worried!
I heard next year is not a good year for Tiger!
I feel more worried!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Dec 2009 - Weekend 1

Month of Dec 2009 , as mentioned in my previous entry, month of the deadlines and I almost dead here. Friday night been sitting in front of computer doing my MRC assignment.
Saturday morning until late afternoon been sitting in front of the computer still working on my MRC assignments.
Ahhhh! when can I complete this????
Went for my jaw accupuncture treatment in the evening and went for dinner at Cheras Sakae Sushi.
Thought of going for Ninja Assasin but not in the mood!
Sunday still spending time for my MRC assignments.
Ah! this is the worst assignment ever.
Take almost 2 weeks to finish this one.

SCS group assignments , presentation for coming class this week.
No news from any of my group member.
Scary though!
What happen to all of them or am I the only one so nervous!
I have no choice to take innitiative again.
I send out email to all of them for my topic suggesttion coca cola - recycle bottles!
hope to receive feedback by tomorrow from all of them.

Sunday brunch is BBQ Chicken!
mmmm... ok la not that bad but the price ... I rather eat sushi... :)

BBQ Chicken set - but end up getting fried chicken

Corn soup

not smelly but gimmick je ehehehe

Stress on my assignments and endless deadlines!

Deadlines!!! deadlines!!!! I almost dead!!!

Xmas Deco at Cheras Leisure Mall

Wishing tree for the unfortunate children.
I manage to read some of the wish some of them ' I want Nike Sport Shoes' or MP4 player or Camera or Silver Gold Chain or PS3 and many many more... what can i say all of them sound very fortunate rather than unfortunate to have such dreams...
I work hard to get my very 1st MP3 player.
I dont even have enough fund to replace my spoil Olympus camera.
I dont own any Nike Shoes...

Gingerbread man stalls

Gingerbread village

me again with my stereotype pose... ehehehe
Here goes my 1st weekend on Dec 2009.
Next week will be in class and nervously doing presentation.... ahhhhhhhh