Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Blood Donation 2010

I am glad!!!
I am eligible to donate my blood this year 10th January 2010.
Although the level of eligibility is just at the boarder line but ... Thank Almighty God!
Well... I end up spend RM100 for 2 bottles of prune concentrate.

I hope my life will get better and better.
My health will recover soon.
Hope my love ones for the same too.

I am very nervous for this year.
I have many plans in my mind.
It will all start after 30th January 2010.
I will be more busy than next year except this year is bigger think.
It will involve a drastic change to my life and future too.
I want to be a different person.
I don't want to be Rina 3 years ago.
I want to be more enterpreneur!
I want to create job for myself.
I dont want to be a slave to that @#$%!

God give me strength and God please bless me!!!

This year reso:
* beautify myself
* Create a job for myself
* be more enterpreneur to earn for a living
* start savings to aquire a land & dev (to make my long time dream happens)
* do more charities
* help people in needs

I will work harder and make this reso as real for this year!!!!
Now I will kick my own butt to study for my finale..... 23rd and 30th exam.....:(
Short term dream 30th Jan 2010 after 1.30pm - I will hurrrrrrrayyyyyy ppppparrrttttyyyyy moooovvvvviiiieeeeeee and sleep and sleep and sleep and sleep.........wwwwuuuuhuuuuu

Finally manage to fill up 2nd line in my blood donation book after 1 year

Celebration lunch @ Papa Rich Sunway

Cam Whore - as usual hihihihi :)

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