Saturday, January 9, 2010

Its all about u

This week is not a good one for me.
Everything seems to be against me.
My emotional level getting worst!
10 factors built in and causes this emotional condition. And all because of ONE and only PIKACOO....
1. It is giving me hard time.
2. It is being unreasonable.
3. it is weirdo.
4. It is a psycho.
5. It is mad.
6. It have small heart.
7. It is trying to be my enemy - well you are my enemy since my 2 week there.
8. It think it is GOD! and ppl to worship it!
9. It think it is the smartest and the most successful animal in the world!
10. It likes to press ppl.

I just could not take it anymore... it surpass my patient level!!!!
My temper... is going over the limit!!!!!
I feel like can die with heart attack listening to every word come out from it mouth.
I feel like my head going to blow and my artery gonna explode of anger everytime see it face!!!
Everytime it start talking is like listening to.... mmmm can't describe the feeling but I prefer hear the dog barking to my ears rather than listening to it!
Looking at it face feel like wanna smack it with my shoes!!!!
I am trying to control myself .... nothing much I can do apart from clench my teeth and hold my fist tight!!!
ARRGGGGGGGHHHH!!!! so angry!!!!
I need to patient, to complete my MBA and I am out!!!!

Ok... back to my mentioned in my other post.
This morning went to collect my splint.
Start wearing it.... aiyo!!!!
Look like wearing braces on your lower teeth...
When talk sounds weird and my mouth oso look very very handicapped!!!
Well ... I submitted my SCS which I choose to analyse Wal-Mart, last night!
Tonight burning midnight oil for my MRC.
Hope to get it done by tonight!
I need to wake up early for blood donation tomorrow morning...
Just received case study for my 23rd Jan exam.
Need to analyse Patagonia sustainability strategy. Interesting case, but quite difficult company!
Anyway my MRC individual result came out and gotten Credit for it! OK la...
Our SCS group result is Distinction!
Great! I need to buck up for this 23rd and 30th Jan 2010.
OK let me get back to my assignment!

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