Sunday, January 31, 2010

MBA over I did it

My final paper last Sat is MRC - Management Research & Consultant.
When I read the paper... OMG the question was so damn boring!
Almost fall asleep by just reading the questions.
Too much theories and it does not interest me at all!
Whatever... I 've been a good girl that day completed all the questions within 3 hours and 40 minutes as required. Oh! ok not all... I miss out quarter! ehehehe don't know how to answer that part. But I know I still can pass anyway..
Ok ok the truth why I stay put until times up???
This is because I made an appointment for Thai Massage at 1pm. ahahahaha....
Anyway.. the massage was sooooo goooooddd!!!
I reached home by almost 4pm.... then a friend called for outing well so call celebration for my exam over...went for Nyonya food at Ah Tuan Ee at The Curve and for the 1st time watch movie at Cineleisure - Spy Next Door... verdict - the movie sucks! like watching Walt Disney movie, Jackie Chan old and saggy..even the intro song was sucks too! the pop corn at cineleisure like chewing paper.....:(
Whatever it is... I am looking forward for the next step in my life.
I need to implement what I have plan... which is toughest than doing my MBA..
Hope I continue to be strong and move forward!
Jia Yor Jia Yor...
Here goes my cam whore.... :)

I am still practising my skills ok!

Pineapple Fried Rice, Sambal Udang Petai, Otak otak

Faster faster snap my photo

I am still waiting!!!! how long you need to adjust the lense???
Hungry!!! Hungry!!!

Can eat ledi ar??? ehehehehehe can't wait to dig in my lunch at 6pm?

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