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Valued Voice
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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Happy or Sad

First, I want to thanks Nurul and Milochell for congratulate me.
Never expect a stranger congratulate on my blog!
New friend suddenly.... love it!!!!
Blogger pal are welcome ...:)
Thank you thank you xie xie ni...:)

I received an email from my uni for graduation date on 30th Mar at Adelaide, Australia.
I can go on if I want to... but my mix feeling come along...
I feel afraid to take the scroll on the stage. Worst thing I will be at foreign country and people around is totally stranger. What if my nervous breakdown come? What if I fell on the stage in front of this people? I think I will end up suicidal due to humiliation right after the graduation :)
Maybe I will just collect my scroll from their KL office.
Then take photo at studio.... may be do some sort like wedding shoot.... ahahahaahaha since I am not going to have a wedding... this may be a good crazy idea....:)

31st Mar will be going to Shanghai!
Heard the weather is very cold up there...
mmmmm guess need to spend more money for winter clothings which I don't allocate any budget for it this year!!!
Ahhhh!!! look like this year I really need to work my butt off for extra cash and spend my butt off too.... hope at least balance up so it does not touch to my golden years saving...

My mum is crying hard for new washing machine too.... hints coming from all over the place to spend more money...
Recently, just sponsored their 20 years old van roadtax&insurance which cost me around RM500.
Not to mention my own car insurance&roadtax coming to due mid next month....
And my other parent car insurance& roadtax coming next 2 month to due...... uwwwwwaaaaaaaa crying blood out from my eyes....

Work... I am tired to complain to myself...
Blame myself for all this troublesome I cause myself.
When you feel unhappy leave the place and move on...
In this case I have been complaining and don't move on..
Am I afraid to move on??
nope! opportunity not interesting enough for me to move on.
YES!!! I am afraid but yet I need to dare myself to do it this year!
Yes! this year... I will continue my journey.
Trying my best to make this happen.

I am planning to visit orphanage and unfortunate home this month.
Maybe will bring something good to make them happy....
Love to see all this people smile ...

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