Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Hearty Trip to Joy Garden

Last Sunday, brought me to Joy Garden near Semenyih.
I found this place when having a joy ride towards Broga Dam last year.
Turn in when saw the signage of Joy Garden and found few youth playing basketball and few old people doing some chores. So, make assumption it is a old folk house and orphanage.

This year with the thought of doing something good and bring joy to others decided to pay a visit.Bought plenty of biscuits , Milo, Milk, Cereal,Cakes, Sardines,Jellies and many more.

Since , discovered the place last year and not really clear with the way so just wacked the way!
Found it!
Greet by two old ladies, one of them with walker.
Talk to me in Hakka which well of course I am clueless.
You can talk in Mandarin or Cantonese... but Hakka???
Lucky, went there with my friend and he did the talking and I did the smiling wahahahah...

There are 22 of them living there.. mostly old man and woman and few of them retarded.
The place is a very run down place since the place is very secluded from the public.
Place donated by one Tan Sri.
They live through donation from good samaritan.

I wish I could do more for them but I still need to manage my own life for time being.

'Lekas' dah sampai Seremban... cepat betul

Food stuff in the car

This is what we can afford for time being..

From Kajang turn towards Nirvana Memorial Park

Joy Garden is after Chinese Memorial Park and before the Christian Memorial Park... just watch out for the sign board on your left hand side

Climb up the hill to Joy Garden

This place is formerly a site office... donate to this unfortunate people

This is the place... I dare not pull out my camera and shoot the rest ... in case sensitive to this people.. I am afraid they feel uncomfortable if I started to shoot more photos...

The only old car they have to go clinic or hospital broke down... now some of them have to travel by cab which cost them almost RM30 per trip... they don't have any transport for time being..

This is the signage you can't miss....

Dead Lake at Broga Dam.. met one family letting go one white duck to this lake ... this is a belief to change luck..by saving others life

Broga dam

Broga Dam again....
Continue journey to look out point and ampang for some shopping and also dinner... Ampang Famous Yong Tau Foo...
Reached home quite late and tired...

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