Sunday, May 2, 2010

Labour Day

Yeay! Labour Day.... no need to work.But it falls on Saturday. So siannnnn!!!!How nice if Labour Day is on Friday. More Holidays!Yah! I am so greedy...What for Saturday?

I went for 'Ikan Bakar' at Jalan Bellamy behind Palace. Its Labour Day and only one Stall open so it was jam packed with hungry human. It was a very hot day too. Quite a challenging moment to dig in under the hot sun and my feeling is like eating in Sauna. However, it was a good freaking fish lunch. I finished with 2 paris and 1 cencaru. Ho Sek!!!

Then off to Golden Triangle for a walk. Thought of trying my luck with Iron Man 2 tickets but as mentioned earlier, Labour Day!!! Many people in Labour ahahaha yes!!! too long to wait for tickets. So end up dig in Snowflake Taiwanese Dessert @ Pavillion. Refreshing and the feeling is Ho Sek!!!! However, I still preffer Honey Moon Dessert Bar that I tried in Shanghai! The dessert there is much more better!

I went to Lot 10 and YTL Community is doing a ground promotion on creating a Rojak Song. I created 'I can Fry' Song!. So I am having fun creating my rojak song with Sony Notebook. Then I spend my time pushing people in Sg Wang... not physically pushing people there but the number of people on the street is like we are going to watch for 'Bon Jovi' concert long time ago. My right heel was so hurt due to too much walking. I bought few black tights.

Time for dinner but don't really feel hungry due to tea time dessert at Snowflake. My friend suggest us to try 'Tangkak Beef Noodle' at Jln Imbi. I was a little doubtful but was told they are HDC Certified. Yes! I saw the certificate and the logo hanging. It was a good feeling to eat Tangkak Beef Noodle finally. I choose Beef+Tendon+Stomach with Mee + Mee Hoon. The soup was so thick in taste. I can taste they boiled the beef with Salted Vege and Star Anise. It was a good taste though. The Beef, Tendon and Stomach not too soft or hard it just crunchy to munch.

Reach home with 2 DVDs'Pushing' and 'Little Soldier Big Soldier'

Sunday woke up with ambition to make a good healthy breakfast like the one I ate for almost RM26.00 at Marmalade. Bear in mind just a breakfast for RM26.00. Wahahaha i am rich rich yes feeling like a rich woman though. Ok ! the breakfast that I prepared is 70% similar to the one I ate is Scramble Egg with Mushroom & Cherry Tomotoes top with Parmesan cheese and Black Pepper and Wholemeal Pita Bread Toast with Cheese.Verdict mmmm good breakfast to lunch. I actually feel very full until dinner time. uhuhuhuh good big breakfast though!

My friend bought me a small basket of chocolates. Although it was melted all the way but yet it was something for me. Finally, bought me something from overseas. Ahahahaha my first basket of chocolate from Paris although some of those I can buy from Mercato@ Pavillion but its from you that make me happy and happy!!!!

Tomorrow is my last week at my current workplace. How should I feel?? I don't know there is a mix feeling now!

Tangkak Beef Noodle @ Jalan Imbi (Halal) Ho Sek!!!

Mini Basket of Chocolates all the way from Paris... I am loving it!!!

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