Friday, May 14, 2010

sO mAnY tHiNgs

Received call and he will not be around next week to greet me.
He need to extend his day in overseas.
He mentioned had brief his people to organise and show me around.
OK! not a problem.
I am a survivor and independent so ... this is a small matter ahahahahahaha (going crazy laugh)

I went to dentist again... finally solve my left side tooth.
OK next 22nd May will be my right tooth... ah!!! money money money..

I seriously don't really aware what I have been doing for the last 12 hours apart from gone to the dentist. I feel like I am dreaming most of the time. I think I did some readings but I don't really aware what I had read. uwwwwaaaaa..... what happened to me today???
Ok ok ok I am just over acting..

I am still aware that I cook sour curry mee hoon for myself (put too much lime).

Actually or to be exact finally manage to organise and hang my clothes today.
Too many things I have accumulated within 15 years.
Imagine never throw away any single thing in 15 years.
Argggghhh!!!! too many thing and seriously I feel headache suddenly...ah must I clean up all this junks??? My lazy disease come back out of sudden... uhuhuhuhuh why???
I need to have a maid now...

I feel like going crazy whenever I start cleaning or organise thing.
So so tension to do chores... arghhh seriously not in a good mood right now!

Still too many things to do... ah! I only have 2 more days left.
I feel like siowing!!!! crazy crazy crazy...

Hurt my stomache because of my miserable experimental cooking again.. hhuhuhuhuh..

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