Sunday, June 6, 2010

Sick Weekend

I am officially sick.
Sore throat, flue and cough.... complete package.
I believe I got it since Friday night!
I am suppose to finalise my own accounts but end worst sick on Sunday.
Ah! hope I still have my voice for recruitment week starting tomorrow.
I am seeing at least 5 candidates in a day until Friday.
I don't know how I am going to do this but I have to.
I need ore people to work for me or I am doom.

How is my mood swing???
My PMS dried up early, well maybe will end up menapouse early then.
I am still in upset mood although I am pretending to look ok but in my heart is not ok.

Saturday morning as I mentioned, I wanted to be a cocoon.
Yeah! did it for almost 2 hours then be a spring rolls rolling from south to west on my bed.
I feel great!!!
But still I feel like don't want to do anything at all....
Then my phone rang!!!!
Ah!!!! a friend asked me to go out!!!
Prince of Persia???
Maybe he know I have been in bad mood for almost a week.
Trying to cheer me up by asking me out!!! sweet!!!!

Here goes my Saturday before I fall sick on Saturday night itself....
I just took pearls powder to cure the heat in my body.... mmmmm so far still not cure....ah!!! guess will take 2 weeks to cure...

Trying to cure the toxic in my throat with Pandan coconut

Ah! my friend said I look like balloon fat!!! I know....

Tokyo G Dinner

Ginger & Wasabi

Mussles Carbonara Pasta at Tokyo G???

Camwhore Queen will never miss the opportunity

She just love to adore herself...

Miso soup with clams mmm yummy!!!!

Bento set with sweet unagi... yucksss!!! too sweet!!!

Enjoying my last dinner before fall sick!!!!

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