Friday, June 11, 2010

What am I

How do I start my entry for this week???

I have been doing recruitment for the whole week.

Monday to Friday , I can say I have been seeing at least more than 25 candidates.

Many types and many interesting character.

I have at least 6 candidates asked me the same question at the end of interview.

" What are you?"

mmmmm.... how should I answer this people???

What am I?

Who am I?

I am a human, idiot!!!!

or should I start saying , Hidup Malaysia!!!! Satu Malaysia!!!!

What the heck girls???

Although you curious on what race am I , you shouldn't be asking this irrelevant questions!!!!

1st and 2nd candidate asked me , I still give them a descent answer but when come to the 3rd, I got fed up and my temper rose up high and high and high.... so my answer is, I am philipines.
ahhhh1!!! ambik kau... geram betul!!!!
I saw their funny and puzzle face after listen to my answer.... tu la kay poh sangat... and obviously they are not listed in 2nd interview......too bad... wrong question girls!!!!

I have been going to gym for straight consecutive 4 days despite being sick.

Cough , flue and fever on and off.
My whole body aching badly.
I guess musle torn here and there.
I feel so hurt to sit on the toilet bowl and feel very difficult to lift up my body upon sitting on it.

Tonight don't think want to go to gym.
Maybe go window shopping at KLCC ahhhh!!!! forgotten to bring my book.
Maybe stay at office and work until 7.30pm.
Anyway, Friday is still long way to go.

We will see what is the problems arise later..... I am now a middle person in between of my Finance Manager and my Boss. My Boss want me to monitor the FM and give instruction to him. OMG again....poor girl.... always stuck in between .
I guess this make me General Manager here then...ahahaha.... I want to go crazy to thing about my current position.... everyday about strategizing and doing a mind challenge to deal with different level people.

Tomorrow I feel like staying at home and be cocoon again.... and roll and roll and roll like a spring roll on my bed... but yet feel like going to Cheras Gym nearby for body combat or belly dancing.
Its all depends on the gravity on my bed. If it is too strong then I will remain there for whole morning but if I can beat the gravity well..... off I go to Gym.

Do I loose my weight???
Hell nooooooooooooo.....
I feel very disappointed.
My waist still as big as a log.
I eat 3 meals and moderately.
I watch what I ate.

But...... what happen here?????
That trainer of mine were saying I dont eat very frequent and thats why dont loose weight.
You siow ar you.... I want to loose and maintain not keep eating and exercising then bloating like balloon????
What are you saying????
Me and my confuse face expression again!!!

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