Thursday, July 8, 2010

Love them Hate them Love them Hate them

Situation 1

Me : Why do you think you deserve this much of salary?
Candidate : Oh! my husband said I am good!

(Aisshhh!!!! why suddenly your husband come into the picture? I am confuse!!!! helpppp!!!!)

Situation 2

Me : Why do you ask for very high salary?
Candidate : I have many credit card bills , my baby sitter bills, my car loan , my house rent and bla bla bla...

(Go on go on... I am listening.. I am charging 20% per annum daily compunded. Please fill in this form)

Situation 3

Me : Please list down 3 strengths...
Candidate : 1. Talk strong 2.Work strong 3. Listen strong
I am almost burst out my laughter
Me : How about your weakness? Name me one...
Candidate : Headache

(Aishhhhhh... like that also can... I almost go crazy.... )

Situation 4

Me : What is your hobbies?
Candidate : Listen to music.
Me : what kind of music?
Candidate : Lady Gaga!!!! you know that Poker face singer???

(Aish!!!! poke your eyes then you know.... )

Situation 5

Me : One of your hobbies says you love reading. What kind of reading material?
Candidate : My diary le....

(Ar??? me completely blur with her answer...)

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