Tuesday, July 6, 2010

My Graduation Day

Today is my unplanned Graduation Day!!!
I never thought of going since I had received my parchment and spending money to be up on stage with that nervous feeling will kill me.
Anyway, my friend keep telling me , I will not have this chance anymore unless I continue with Doctorate. Ah! make sense after Master will be Doctorate.
Doctorate??? OMG!!!! I don't want this now.
I want to earn money, save money and retire in style.
Earn flat money? Yes!
Save money ? Not yet!
Retire in style???? Ohhhhhh!!!! looking at my situation now may be I can't even think about retiring.... uwwwaaaaa...
Here goes ,my will be last convocation???

I am planning to migrate soon! soooooooo.... I need to work extra tripple hard from now on...

Oh! by the way... my leave was not approved... so I am actually skip work for my convo... whatever... I don't give a damn...
No flower , no bear for my convo? ah... nope..
Any supporter for my convo?? ah nope..
But I got myself unskilled photographer though...Thank you Thank you...for your time!
So is this mean we are going out now??? wink wink like sailormoon...hihihihihi

Here goes the photos....

from left : May, Rina, Cindy

from left : Rina, seriously I can't remember his name, May,Kenny,Cindy

As usual my Camwhore

then ..another..

and another

and another...

University of South Australia....and its over hope to get better opportunity , better future better life

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