Thursday, July 1, 2010

Sad or Disgusting

Yesterday evening while walking towards my gym at Menara Maxis, a Malay couple with their lil toddler was walking in front of me.What attract my attention to this couple is their lil toddler was walking bare foot. mmmmm.... her parent was very selfish to my thought. Both of them know how to protect their feet but they are very ignorance about the lil one.
Then the wife turn to her back and asked her husband.
"Dear! have you seen our other child?"
OMG!!!! (Usher new song style) like that also can ar????
Malaysia sangat sangat boleh!!!!!
The best thing is the husband replied.
" Let him be le!!!!!"

Arrrrrr???? My jaw drop to hear the reply.
Then this couple and bare foot lil toddler walk ahead without even stop by and curious about their other kid whereabouts.

I am very amaze with such thinking from a 'so called parent'.

This morning while having my morning Yong Tau Foo AGAIN... I read this news about a woman won RM1.4million suit again Gombak Police. The suit was since 1999 for the death of her husband whom involve in drugs and died while in police custody. She is now can enjoy the downfall with her 2 teenage sons.
Thinking about this again.... make me wonder....they deserve such compensation???? ooooppppsss I don't want to risk my blog by making another statement or else.

There are many cases around us and see how other people enjoyment can be other people burden. Imagine that a couple fall in love got married. Make love all night long with full of satisfaction like the whole world is theirs alone. Make one baby, another bay, then another baby then another baby then another then another more and more....
Did any of them while doing it occur to their mind on the cost of bringing these new life to the world????
We heard in the news, on sad story people live in the shoddy van with 7 kids eating snails and so on and on and on....

This thought always come to my mind. Well, is it my problem?????
How should I feel?
Sad or disgusting?

As a single lady surviving in this big city alone fighting hard for my survival, where I am now is from my hard work. I feel unfair to be sad for such news or story.

People can call me cold hearted! But the truth is my life experience surviving alone in this big city for 16 years without help from the government really make me who I am now! From nothing living like a nomad , sleep on the floor with just a piece of cloth as my bed ,eating instant noodle 1 pack a day and wake up 4.30am just to get the 1st bus in the morning to work and walk 3km daily just to reach work place. Travel from one flea market to another one to sell peanuts just to pay my rent and buy some food. Most of the time face difficult and ridiculous bosses who always make me cry my heart out .

So???? as a person who has gone through all these hardship, I am seriously have a mix feeling on how should I feel?

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