Monday, August 16, 2010

Back packing

Here goes the story...
Open my email on Monday morning... my worst enemy shot an email on Friday night.
Working late huh????
Yeah! since you are the only one working in this company the rest all 'shaking legs and booties'!!!

Anyway, talking about that nasty 200 words email as replied to just one email asking politely, 'do you mind forward me our existing HSE policy?' Not worth it for me to feel upset on Monday morning, especially when my temperature is already damn high (fever).

Anyway, the best about him is... jeng jeng he cc the email to even my Boss! GOOD!!!!! very very good!!! you kill yourselllllffffff!!!! I don't need to do anything at all. His words tell the story... wakakaka...wanna roll off the chairs instead of mourning and feel upset about it!
I win! I win!!!

I feel tired like mad when my fever getting bad complete package with flue and cough.
Ah! I can't drink and even eat medicine.

Today I just hired one girl as admin&hr assistant.
I am tired to meet more more people.
Mostly candidates is very low quality.
Can't speak English at all.

So when this last candidate I met can speak English and have descent look.... You are hired!!!!

This evening traffic was nightmare!
I was out of office at 6.15pm and only arrive at almost 8.25pm.
I only break my fast with my peel fresh mangoesteen juice and 3 dates.
By the time reach home was so exhausted.
I ate the redbean soup packed by my office mate during lunch time and force myself for some fruits! Can't take it at all. I throw within a minute I swallow like yesterday dinner.
Lost my appetite I guess my body is not so well at all.

Oh ya!!! why the title is back packing but I don't mention about it at all???
Well!!!! here goes my most exciting news.... instead of going back packing to Taiwan this mid Sept. I just confirm hotel and air ticket to one secret place.... Yeay!!! what I need is big backpack and pack my stuff and off I fly ..... and be at the most exciting and experience a walk into the enchanted forest and soak myself in a hotspring!!!!
Lazy around the beach or since I am so afraid of sun like vampire I may opt for sunbathing at my hotel balcony wakakaka and explore the hidden caves then explore local town and eat their food.
mmmmmm hope this will be my exciting trip for this year!!!!
Enchanted backpacking journey here I come.... dare myself to explore other country andmake my singlehood days more lively.

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