Tuesday, August 24, 2010

King of Hyginotic Broad Bean's Prisoner

My name is Elanora Elmm. I was snatched away from the King of Perfectto Lettue (King Perf) to King of Hyginotic Broad Bean (King Bean) beacause of my expertise in multi tasking and make thing work in the castle. I was known as a good assistant to the King. I was brought into this new castle called 'Castle of Finggie Sanita'.

My presense in the castle is not welcome by King Bean's 2 Generals. One is General Fukkio Stupido (Gen Lion) and the other one is General Assie Foolo (Gen Assie). Both Generals are fighting for power. Between these two Generals, Gen Fukkio is the most aggressive.

To cut the story short, since I came to the castle, Gen Fukkio never stop attacking me and also the King Bean. King Bean as usual remain silence and never show off his power as King. This leave me Elanora fight her own battle to ensure the castle run smoothly and try my best to protect the maids in the Castle.

One day, I was attacked by Gen Fukkio due to Gen Assie bad words on me. King Bean was aware on the whole situation but trying his best to keep me calm and make sure me not to loose my temper.

I did send letter of termination of my service, however due to 6 moons contract thumb print with the castle, i can't escape although I feel its hard to receive the attacked from both Generals.

King Bean told me I am doing a good job! But hey!!!! I am Elanora... suffer mentally and emotionally. I have to put my face strong and not to re act on such attack.... uwwwwaaaaaaa ... I Elanora cried and cried and cried at my Secret place near the Rabbit Hole at mushroom enchanted forest.

What should I do ? What should I do???
King Perf make me suffer and I am suffering too.... God! did Elanora have done something bad??? Why need to torture her? Is there any Prince to save this damsel in distress???

to be continued

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