Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Malaysian Driver

I am facing the traffic and on the road for at least 3 hours everyday.
What fascinate me is the way our drivers manage their way on the road (including me of course)
Based on my observation the way we drive is who we are in managing our life or even at work.
There are many type of drivers out there.
Here are the list :

1st - The opportunist
2nd - The fickle minded
3rd - The emotional
4th - The Hot temper
5th - The Road King
6th - The Dreamland
7th - The Honey sweet
8th - The Chillis
9th - The Dark Witch
10th - The Ice Queen
11th - The Crazy Punk
12th - The Breaker
13th - The Chatter Box
14th - The Elephant
15th - The Ostrich
16th - The Celebrity

many more to list down...
I will explain one by one in my next entry.
Tired to type everything tonight... I have all in one package with me right now.
Fever, Cough, Flue and headache.

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