Thursday, August 26, 2010

Why me

Very busy today.
As usual meeting and meeting, with clients, vendors and also staff.
Sick of it !
What to do?
When he said to others I am represent him when he is away.
Basically , I am his eyes and his ears when he is away.

For example just now stucked in the meeting , well talking about Finance is not a problems.
Negotiating term is just a piece of cake for me .
Then they talked about technical, I am trying hard to understand and absorb whatever information register to my brain and start processing the data. Well since my pentium is not upgraded and dont even have anti virus or security so more or less a bit corrupted. kekekeke..

When I updated him in Singapore on Finance side for the meeting, he then asked me about the circuits and codes.
Hahahahaha again you are testing the wrong woman... kekekeke
Based on my notes, I just read it out via the phone as if I am a pro and talking about it until he is speechless on the other end. kekekeke

Thank God! its not the face to face updated, if not sure fail because I dont know hell what am I babbling about.

Anyway, to make thing more convincing I aske him question on solution for his technical side as well as proposed (of course general proposal) on possibilities to resolve this error occured.

Smart heh!

Anything in his house is my matters too.
The maid, the guards, the drivers , the properties and basically everything about him.

3 months in this position , I have wrote numerous letter of complaints to the MD and CEO.
I can see improvement of service in various problems arise. Ah! can't imagine my letter is damn powerful!
What I had learned in previous company really helps me.
If problems go to the highest authority and make big fuss and huge complains just to get better services.

Tough job!
Tough position!
Many people hate me along the way.
Many enemy I make along the way.

I am thinking to withdraw from this position.
My 1st attemp, failed!
I thought of trying again.... should I do that again?
or should I just wait until end of contracts???

I just can't wait for mid Sept.
I wanna R&R and enjoy myself to the fullest.

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