Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Krabi 1st Evening

LCCT - waiting for boarding @ Marrybrown

My last nasi lemak before I miss this for at least another 5 days :(

My only best shot from plane view on Krabi

It was after raining - strolling down the Aunang beach with empty stomach looking for food

Not to forget my 1st camwhore in Krabi.... kekekeke

It was after rain and my camera was shaking so could not snap good photo and the board says ' SORRY CLOSED TODAY NOT HAVE ELECTRIC' kekekekekeke so cute!

Finally! found my food near by the beach...

While waiting for the food...

Patiently waiting for my food.... and still waiting...

After rain view is always beautiful and refreshing...

Order hot water... and they give me hot water with lime and salt... errrr... that salt to kill the bacteria in the water??? or you want me to mix it and this water will taste like 100plus???

steam clam... natural taste

Steam Seafood platter... tasty!!!

My dessert for 1st night - Mango with Sticky rice.. yummyyyyy!!!

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