Thursday, September 30, 2010

Krabi 3rd Day - The World Molluse Fossil site

I thought this is Pamelo but I was wrong! Mystery big 'pamelo'in krabi. dont know what fruit

Cam Whore even when I am tired

Drink coconut just now... then only I realise I was sitting next to Kancil. kancil in krabi? Its a small world after all

This is Tsunami hazard place

This is the fossil cemetary site


Hot hot day! but the view was fantastic

Walked on this hot path without my slippers.... I am afraid to be in Krabi prison because there is sign not to where slippers while walking on this site

sample of the fossil

The wave is amzingly beautiful

fossil from near view

soft shell... i touch them... proud ahahaha

Hot day! I saw people buying this ice cream...

Bread top with glutunious rice at bottom then coconut ice cream, attap chee, corns,ground nut and evaporated milk.... ah!!! refreshing and yummy yummy yummy yummy.... only RM2... wow better than paddle pop.

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