Wednesday, September 1, 2010

My Independence Day Celebration

On 30th Aug 2010, I woke up with a half dead body.
I was purging and my head feel heavy and my body was aching.
I was unwell since the past few weeks and that morning was the worst.
I drove to work with half eyes open and manage to reach Citibank Tower safely unhurt.

When I reach office , locked my room door and continue sleeping on the carpet , dirty or not dirty I don't give a damn anymore. All I care my head feel very heavy and body feeling so weak.

Start 8.30am, I am trying my best to maintain strong in front of everybody. Yeah! again try to be wonder woman!
By 1.00pm, again I locked myself in my room and lie down flat on the floor. Make thing worst, I was fasting and forgot to bring my jacket. It was so cold and my sickness still there and getting worsen. I keep telling myself , I need to be strong and tomorrow is a holiday, I can rest and rest and rest. I was waiting for 5.30pm to drive back home.

Guess where am I on eve of Independence Day???
This is the history of my life for the 1st time, lying on the hospital bed with dripping stuck into my body . I was coughing non stop and purging like mad. My body was so weak and feel like dying. I refuse to be admitted as usual my stubborness over everything!
This is the cause of Viral Attack to my body.

I forced myself drove back home and admit myself on my own bed.
when everybody shouting Happy Independence day when the clock struck 12.00, I was dozzing off with antibiotic, sleepy cough medicine and 3 tabs of sleeping pills.
I only awake at 1.00pm the next day with hope I could recover but yet I feel the same.
I am back to sleep after another 3 tabs of sleeping pills with hope if I happens to wake up and I feel much more better.
I only wake up at 8.00pm and then continue with another 2 tabs of sleeping pills to continue sleeping to the next morning.

I only wake up on 1st Sep 2010 at 5.00am for morning breakfast.
My wish to only wake up when Aug end comes true!!!!
Although, i still feel weak and my body still aching but not as bad as the past 2 days.

I hope I could recover, I still throw up when I eat something so I end up drinking. Then here goes the minor purging.... ah!!!! hope my body system back to normal again...


  1. my dear, life is short.. dont over utilise your body..or else overhaul is worse.. still hv to take care your own body...your case is serious!
    btw, u can write very well.. m enjoy to read it :)

  2. Hi May, I am glad you enjoy reading my blog. I wish can write better.Thank you for visiting,ya! Yes! health is very important. I will depart from this place on Dec. Bad Feng Shui here, never been so sick like this (3 times in a row)within 3 months.


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