Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Dream Girl Search

Finally, Boss being upfront to me on his requirement for PA candidates.
All the while he have been hiding the exact requirement from me. Maybe afraid , I will judge him.
Hahahaha... if you never inform me, I already know la....


I want my PA :
* Height not less than 5 feet 5 inch
* Slender and fair
* Well groomed and not conservative
* Fluent in English
* Street smart
* Can handle pressure
* Able to travel and can work independently
* Beautiful looking
* Hair at least shoulder length
* Know how to handle people
* I dont need another strong character lady in my office (basically he is referring at me. whatever!!!)
* I need soft spoken but firm
* Can handle me well.
* you should know what kind of person I want since you are the one currently attending to my personal matters.

While he is listing down his requirements, my mind is busy thinking -
* you mean you want a Miss Universe with Degree is it?
* do you mean you want me to find you a Mistress?
* shall I start advertise in newspaper for upcoming reality show called PA Queen?
* can you pay if that person were asking you for RM3,000 just for her grooming allowance?
* do you mind employing another person to just do your PA Queen job and she sit on your lap and beautify herself and pleased you?
*all the headhunters and recruitment agencies in town had rejected me because you keep rejecting their candidates and they surrender.
* I want to go crazy to find your dream PA Queen????
* just wait after Dec and please send your request again after that?
* I am tired interviewing too many bitches in town!!!!!!

I just let out one big sigh in front of him and respond.....mmmmmm maybe we have been looking at the wrong place all the while???? I think I should start talking to Model and Talent Agency instead. Ah! We will try our luck there,ok? Dont worry ok?
I saw his puzzle expression with my response.....
I dont have to wait for his response so 1 just dismiss myself and continue my work in my room....

Whatever......just wait for another time ya! next time...

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