Sunday, November 7, 2010

Do it right

I was keeping quiete this few days.
I spend my time with more thinking than talking.
I observed things around me and try to analyse my life.

Am I at the right track?
This is the question keep coming into my mind.
Do I do thing right ? or Do I do the right thing?

When I was thinking about both .... I manage to list down:

* Do the right thing.
* Do it for the right reasons.
* Do it with the right people.
* Do it at the right time.
* Do it in the right order.
* Do it with intensity.
* Do it for the right results.

My time at my current place almost up!
I had accomplished many things and learn many things along the way.
I hope change I brought in for this company will benefit them.
I know most of them want me to stay and of course some of them more than happy to hear the news I am leaving but my biggest challenge right now is to break the news to my boss.
I know he can't accept this fact!
Although sadness I can't stay for long but I had decided this is not my stop.
Better future waiting for me out there..... just not here...

I decided to move on to something bigger this time.
Something more challenging and will make me more exciting ot continue this life.
Can't wait for the time come.
Year of 2011 will be my golden year and hope lady luck will stay by my side.

I know I can do it!

Ah! the best moment ever is listening to my favourite Beyond song!!!!!!
Help to lift up my spirit.

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