Tuesday, November 30, 2010


I was so lazy... ooppppssss ... not was but still lazy.
Somebody called me last night and still asking me the same question.
Have you decided?
mmmm... ah! should I answer or should I not answer. Dont want to be rude and dont feel like to be polite either.
I reached home almost 12.30 noon and my mind focus to my marathon plan. Marathon for Playful Kiss...Manage to finish the entire episodes (16) until 12 mid nite.Yo! I am with my Zombie face to work... overdose of radiation from my computer. Anyway, I am happy and satisfy.I even dream about Hyun Joong at night.... wow...dont feel want to wake up at all.... I like the feeling of being in dreamland again... I was waiting for this for so long ever since Boys Over Flower and Personal Taste series craze ended.

I have many photos to upload but yet I am so lazy.
My CM trip was the most memorable journey.
Of course hiccup here and there but manageable with my snobbish and cocky attitude make into play. hehehehe... Yeah! I am trying to be a DIVA.

My work?
mmmm... coming to end of year.
I dont push myself at all and currently just let my life continue and decide by God.
I dont want to change any of your plan God!
I just feel exhausted!

I had rejected this company offer for CFO position. It has been 3 times politely rejected. Thanks but no thanks.
4th time offer drive me up to my top and I finally closed whatever doors available and rejected him firmly on my decision. Not even another ....darling!!!! A stop mean a stop! Let me go somewhere I feel like working and have positive feeling to be in. But not this company. I just dont feel the chemistry at all! I know I am talented and I know I am capable.You work with me you fall in love with me.
I know I know... a bit exaggerated hehehehehehehe....:)
Anyway, I want to start new life in year 2011.

Tonight achievement... upload photos to my online diary and watch my Hyun Joong again... I want to shut this world and be in my own world for this week. Back off everybody Cindyrina is back!!!!

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