Saturday, November 13, 2010

No pain no gain

Frust again .... stupid internet line don't allow me to upload my greedy lunch and dinner photo :) and :(.... keep rejecting and make really drive up my blood level... ok ok I am trying to calm down!

Busy weekend I believe.
I am expecting myself stuck in front of computer for the whole weekend.
Ah! my back bone feel harden and my muscle so so painful.
Even my neck need a lubricant to turn.
My fingers feel numb.
My eyes feel strain.
My shoulder... ah my shoulder so so hard and painful.
My butt oucchhhh numb too... I think I end up getting a flat butt soon.
My waist ouch ouch so hurt...
Everytime I turn I can here my bone kluk klak kluk klak.... ohohohohoho... need more calcium I believe... and some good stretch out.

OK my body... I will do YOGA for you.... sigh!!! so damn lazy to exercise but I can see and feel I am getting fatter and fatter due to my laziness...

I am working on my online store ad campaign.
I need to develop at least 6 banners with 6 different sizing.
I have to brain storm (with myself ok!!!) for catchy copywriting.

Ah! not as easy as I thought.
I need to identify most effective keywords to ensure every single investment I made bring my cash back!

Owwwwhhh!!! no such thing as free lunch baby!!!
Whoever said to you easy cash through online business..... don't buy this phrase.... it is craps!

No Pain No Gain!!!!!
I am in pain now and I want my gain later..... work it girl!!!
Jia Yor jia Yor... go go me me me me...

Can't wait for next week.......... I just want to set myself FREEEEEEE

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