Tuesday, December 21, 2010

7 hours

As usual, i have been thinking a lot.
Wake up at 6.30am. Received an email from far away offer me a job.
I feel flattered but at the same time feel scared. Can I do it? This is too high position for me. That what came into my mind when after reading the mail.
I sat there in front of my computer , lean my back to my ikea chair with my both hand lay to the rest on my keyboard softtoy and staring blank at my google homepage monitor.
What should I do ? What should I do?
Why this man came to me now?
After all these years?
How did he know I am looking for a job?
Can I take another bigger challenge?
What is my sacrifice?
What is my strategy?
I am meeting him after my trip.
He is coming down to Malaysia and will be staying until mid next year.

Thinking about it again actually there is nothing i need to think until i meet him, right????
Why I always think too much?

Last time I always amaze when other people got offer from somebody and also know somebody from far. That was when I was early 20s. Now I understand how the relationship develop. Overtime when grow older and work or happen to meet many people along the way, the relationship develop and its not necessary close but enough for people to remember us. Old saying says ' make more friends but not an enemy; is very true indeed.
You never know... this people may come back to you either for revenge or pay back your kindness.

OK! another 7 hours I will be on the plane for 3 hours and land on another country. I will enjoy myself and will only think about this when I come back home. Can I? hahahaha... I doubt it... since he just called me when I was writing my email at 7.48am. Whoa!!!! this is serious!

After listening to him... sounds great opportunity but hey I need to think further though!

Bali Bali Bali eat eat play play l here I come for another exciting adventure!!!!!!!!!!!

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