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Valued Voice
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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Drama in Bali

Every where I go , I will observe people around me and create my own story...
Yeah! if it is not because of my non photogenic camera face I would become an actress by now or a script writer ..huh! it is just my dreams. I still dreaming to be an actress but afraid to pursue my dreams. Why? I know my emotional not so strong enough to handle all the critics from others!
I am a little mermaid and I want to find my way back to my under water world....
Digging! digging! digging... ahhh!!!! water water... I am almost there...

Life is difficult! but I will move on with my head up!

I just want to play dead!

omo omo who is going to feed my 12 kids at home ??? ah! I can't play dead yet!

Berapa bu? Tauhu nya?? sedap nggak???

you think you the only one customer???

sedap ni sedap ni... semuanya ya! saya beli!!!!

1 2 3......

Yeay!!!!!! We in Bali!!!!!

Son! if you can dig thumb of gold for me I will bring you back home.... if not... you better dig your own hole!!! ARASO!!!!

digging! digging digging! ah! still small yet the burden is too huge to bear... isk isk isk

mmmm at least my dad leave me one car hehehehehe digging digging digging!!!!!!!!!

Ah! found it found it... oooppppsss keep quiete better not tell dad and enjoy my gold alone.....

Beautiful cloud...calm seawater....

Yeay I like it!

This view look like my life right now... when the big wave comes... I kill whoever arounds me...beware!!!

I have my Christmas dinner here..... and here goes my 25th Dec 2010 and tonight is my last night here in bali.... what an experience and the journey that I never forget and I bring this until I die....

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