Monday, December 27, 2010

Instant Mother and millionaire in foreign Land

Here I am at the foreign land becoming a mother to almost everybody I met.
They called me 'IBU'. Ibu Ismail!
I suddenly have too many Father as everywhere I go I need to call them Bapak. wahahahaha... to many of them... which one is the real one? Too many ibu? which one is my real mummy??? wahahahaha almost crazy!
I carried millions of cash and suddenly spend millions at other country. My public toilet fee cost me between 1k - 2k. Whoa!!!!!Total culture shocked!

As mentioned 1st night gone as the journey took very long time suppose 3 hours journey and took me 6 hours to reach there.

A view before the immigration check out at Soekarno Airport

My 1st cam whore... see my pimples started to emerge due to this long journey

Transit & transfer sign

Yeah! I saw many of them waiting outside
Trying my best to understand what they trying to say...

This one I understand and I find their advertisment visual are very attractive and cheeky

Garuda Air my personal TV screen

2nd camwhore although my mood is almost at -ve level ... very tired!!!!
My neighbour thought I am one crazy woman.... whatever!!!!

The safety manual

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