Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Legian Beach Sunset

I have a feeling I am gonna start my new year with running nose.... I can feel it coming....the symptom and the sneezing... huhuhuhuh I dont like it this way :(

Back to my long journey in Bali kekeke... when I said my 24th Dec 2010 ends at Taman Ayun Temple... I am wrong hahaha... I finished my Bedugul Trip late afternoon.
But hey! it is Christmas Eve why should I stuck in the hotel watching that Indon sad drama.
mmmmm armed with my camera and of course my passport and cash (dont want to end up in Bali lock up because I am foreigner here).
I went strolling by Legian beach and noticed many people sitting waiting anxiously... what are they waiting for? Just like normal human curiosity comes to my mind. I waited like others... I stand there and look at the same direction like other human.... not alien ok repeat again human!!!
Owhh!!!! magical! I am fascinating and like being hypnotised with the creation of God! Beautiful! marvellous! amazing.... hehehe a bit out of space because this is my first time see real sunset... imagine if i witness the sunrise? OMG... my next mission... come enjoy the magnificient view with me...

Calm wave

Look at the flood of people and see the sky slowly changing colours...

Owh! sea look so damn beautiful

They are waiting...

Here it comes...

Are you lonely man??? I am single :) but are you with money??? sorry I am looking for the one with money not the one without it!!!! kekekeke materialistic case!

God is Great!!!!

Omo omo... aigooooo

I know what they are thinking ... romantic moment huh love bird... roman in bali???

avid photgrapher....patiently waiting for the right moment for his best shot! I saw this man running just to get his shot...

This is what I called passion! passion! yeah! VIVA to whoever he was..... I like your patient! I like your passion...:)

Group of people carrying gunny sacks full of rubbish... yeah! this beach very dirty with rubbish... empty cans,plastic bottles and others every where.... and this people collect for selling.... rubbish for others but gold for them.... a circle of life!
I wish somebody could snap photo for me with this background... and I want to do aigoooo!!! but too shy to ask.. so many people will be looking and laughing at me ......kekekeke

finally... the process over and getting darker.... I love this great moment and I enjoy it every second... I was so fascinated with the view and I wish to experience it again.... beautiful and magical!!!!

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