Saturday, December 18, 2010

Maybe I dont love myself at all

Yesterday was my last day at that place.
I am very exciting on starting my new life soon.

Here I am Saturday morning, sitting here working.
* Drafting employment contract
* Drafting warning letter to staff
* Drafting proposal for someone promotion
* Writing up manual for staff
* Updating accounts
* calculating other people salaries
* replying emails
* instructing driver for his pick on Monday.
* List out all files out from office.

Oh God! what am I doing to myself????
What do I allow such thing to happen to myself?
Am I over responsible person?
Am I doing this not for the right people?
Why am I working hard for the company that I just left?

My last day he is begging me to help him out on clearing out the shit done by his Finance Manager. Best thing that thick face Finance Manager have guts to ask for annual leave.
Before my boss even reply, to his request I said I dont allow you to approve this!
My boss look at me surprise.
I look at him without saying anything my eyes is enough to tell him , I meant what I said!
I dont even wnat to consider helping him with his other thing if he allow him to go on leave at this time. Year 2009 accounts is totally wrong and many hanky panky inside.
Who is clearing all those shit! Hello.... dont look at me! I am not interested.
I dont even want to help him.

Because of this thing also I cant sleep through out the night and feeling very down....

I have people called me on Saturday afternoon asking for their contract. Aiyoh! at least you should inform me and give me some details....

Aikkkk!!!! wait a moment.... I thought I just quit last night????
OOOOOOhhhh I think I am going crazyyyy!!!

Let me sit on my couch and re think what really happened last night????
I seriously going crazy right now!

Do I owe people so much last life???

This is the creditors to claim their payment , maybe!
God knows! and now what can I do just to pray hard for God to give me some light and at least some inspiration!

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