Monday, December 27, 2010

My Treats in Bali

My trip to Bali is the most adventurous so far.
Flight overbooked and end up flight upgraded from Economy to Business Class from KUL - Jakarta. Stranded there for at least 2 hours then was directed Jakarta - Denpasar via Garuda Air and last minute again upgraded from Econ to Business class. Whoa!!!! happy all the way to Bali Business class. So so excited! I can't share you my flight meals since my connection again got some minor problems. anyway manage to upload my othere meals in Bali..... eat eat eat snap snap snap....

When they put halal sign in Bali do not trust 100% . I checked out one restaurant with halal sign. I was so excited coz finally found one halal restaurant. But hey when I browse through the menu sweet sour pork was included. mmmmmm.....'u' turn to my roti boy again!

Chocolate cakes in Bali - breakfast sucks at my hotel.. after long walk under the hot sun touring legian and kuta I stop at this cafe for my latte and cakes

Gopit Bebek Goreng (Muslim food.... they put halal sign..)

This is my favourite cecah.... sitting on my balcony facing the mango and coconut trees with one book on my hand. so peaceful and good feeling.

Pepsi and peanut... i was stomacheache after eathing these both... was knocked down for a day due to this...

My hot ginger tea near by Discovery Mall

Tom Yam Khoong at Bali ..... OMG taste sucks... like eating tom yam with additional chilli sauce

Seafood platter...ikan yang keras macam batu

Seafood platter set with pfish prawns,cumi and clams

Garlic Vege (hahaha our kangkung goreng belacan la)

3 types of sambal with the seafood platter

enjoying gado gado near the rice terrace

special fried rice with crab meat

Black Canyon Fetucinne Tom Yam Khoong at Discovery Mall near by legian beach... this is my favourite mall and I was there almost every day.... same goes to Matahari Mall since my hotel is just behind the malls...

Black Canyon Tuna Green Curry fried rice... not patayya fried rice ....

My Bali coffee.... old town still the best ahahahaha maybe too long not use to taste this type of coffee

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