Tuesday, December 21, 2010

My wish come true

It is a bless or is it a disaster.
first my cab suppose to turn up at 12noon end up never turn up.
I need to on my computer back for a radio cab phone number.
Manage to get one cab at around 1pm. Reached at KLIA at 2.00pm.
I went to check in counter and end up that person said over booked and no seat for me.
What???? I paid wor!!! What you want me to do?
No point aguing with this people who like to earn people money without offering any service.
I told them its not my fault. Why sold my seat??? You are MAS ??? Never expect this from MAS.
Then they gave me compensation of meal voucher RM20, Business Class KUL - Jakarta by MAS then Garuda Air Jakarta - Bali.
I may end up spen 2 hours at Jakarta airport tonight!!!!
Whoa!!!! my hotel gone for one night and my driver gone too.
Lucky can use the business lounge and I am like a cinderella looking any handsome man around at business lounge but all I see I am surrounded by old man.Damn!!!! I may end up become old single woman since I am too picky! So I am now make use of the facilities to the fullest and very nervous for my next adventure..... hahahaha cross my fingers and hope everything will be alright and I am trying to take everything as calm as possible even though my heart is pumping hard and I can hear it almost pop out!
So my wish comes true , and I don't have to wait for so long to fly in business class hahahaha... God Bless me!

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