Monday, December 27, 2010

Ubud Kintamani Trip

22nd Dec 2010 - Ubud trip. Hired black Avanza together with driver for 450k. My trip started with Barong Dance then visit Luwak Coffee farm, Elephant Caves, Mount Kintamani Volcano, Batur Temple and end my day with good spa with balinese massage.

Balinese Orchestra...

The Monkey.. teasing the crowd

Barong or the lion?

The dancers.... for me they are more a mixture of Indian Classical dance and Chinese Opera... good experience since they provide a write up in english

Me... like a big Mem with my own driver... i love this feeling so need to push myself harder so I can afford all this luxury treatment ahahaha...

Me cam whore at Barong Dance

Don't pee okay....:) lol

Their roadside stalls

Another road side stalls... notice that big tree behind... That call a Banyan tree.. wonder how old is that tree... huge and look like centuries old

My journey to Elephant cave

This pools is for purification

Top photo is dry pools here goes the wet one, i mean with the water

The elephant cave... actually nothing inside just an elephant statue thats all

worship place

signage explain it all

We can see this small thingy for worship at every corner along the street and even in KFC or McD... everywhere when i said everywhere i mean everywhere....

budha head fall down

Nice feeling to be at this moisture place... peaceful

Rice field on top of the stairs

A close up to their rice plant... beautiful

Algae in Rice field

Luwak coffee.... this animal call Luwak or chivet..he will choose the good coffee bean eat it and the coffee bean will come out through this Luwak poopoo... that coffee bean name the best coffee ever....what???? Chivet poopoo coffee bean is the best???? mmm this Chivet must be laughing all the way to all of us human kind huh!!!!

A balinese woman frying the Luwak Coffee Bean

Female and Male Luwak Coffee Bean... dont ask me which one is female and male .... i am too old to remember kekeke

Here goes the cute adorable luwak

free tasting luwak coffee... yeay baybeh me drink the luwak poopoo coffee...;. how it taste??? nothing great... i prefer italian coffee or old town coffee bean fry with margerine....malaysian ma

Nice view at Luwak Coffee plantation

Mount Kintamani - active volcano and last erruption on 1964... i guess again this old woman cant remember everything

view from the restaurant at kintamani

My cam whore at Kintamani

More shot of this alive volcano

If this thing happens to be errupted when I am taking this photo what will my face expression???? my craziest dream come again....

Tangalallang Rice Terrace.... dont know whether my spelling is correct kekeke

I wish they start planting again... they just harvested...

Me with my weirdest smile ever at Rice terrace

This is the temple... i think this is batur temple forgotten ledi le

nearer shot... i love the door

mmmm looking at all these statue make my hair stands

Beautiful balinese door...i mean temple door

This view really make me wanna dance..... peaceful dance

and I really dance... who ever take this shot for me....

saranghae hyun joong ... I know I gave you up but still...for last last time saranghae... my photographer laugh like mad to me... although i feel a bit embarased but i still cant help it and still continue with my most adorable pose kekekeke I am not every year will be coming here...

All those motobikers are school students. i was told most school have their own temple and most of the time they will perform the ceremony.... the dress they wear is their costume for prayers and worhips...

Here I am at my spa centre

Waiting in my private room

I feel like a princess

Flower bath after the scrub and massage

after my marvellous spa

Oh not to forget the bed where they massage me like a Princess ohohohohoho merry christmas

The balinese standard decor

Dorong mean push

giant lizard.... too scared so just simply snap... dare not look at that lizard again kekeke too big wor

My 22nd Dec 2010 ends here.... Kintamani ubud tours.... the next day I spend my time touring kuta and legian on my own... walk and walk under the hot sun like one crazy indon.... yeah look a like though...spend time at the beach looking at that fierce wave and waiting for sunset.... marvellous view

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