Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Am I too kind

Talk about soft hearted!!!! I win 5 times in a row...
Hard outside soft inside..... Na Uh-dduk-hae ??? (in korean means What should I do??)
What should I do with myself???
I can't pass people who asked me for favor.
all my life I am living for people and not for myself.
When can I learn to live for myself?
Am I strong enough to put myself first then others???

Am I going to make it this year???

Well hopefully , early year complication means positive sign???
or it just another bad start?
I hope to see this as positive and when I start with complicated way means I have more time to rectify things and make things better????

OK! I will try to solve all this complication one at the time and will take it positively.
I need to be clear and hope can think and will sort out at least 70% as what I want it to be.

Cindyrina fighting!!!!! Jia yor jia yor!!!

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