Sunday, January 23, 2011

Pre CNY Malacca Trip

Same like last year, I went to Malacca to feel the CNY spirit at Jonker Walk, Malacca. This is not a pre planned trip but the impulsive trip when you don't know where to go on Saturday afternoon. As usual , I love it,walk and eat and walk again.... the peaceful feeling seeing the old building.
One of my friend told me to go to London if I am into the old building. He said the big old church and castle is place I must visit. mmmmm.... tempting...
Church of St Francis Xavier

The red building

Yeay! I am in Malacca

Relaxing Water front cafe

Nice walk way and many to explore to attract more tourist

In between of 2 guardian

Small town

The Window... what is inside??? peekaboo!!!!

She put her effort to earn her living... may be some extra cash for CNY

Korean is everywhere now......

Heritage trail

Rumah Melaka... the unique about Malaccan house is for their beautiful staircase

Kampung Ketek

Malacca House model

Antique out from old junk

Jonker Galley where they sell nice colourful clothing

Ondeh Ondeh or in other name call them buah melaka.....uwaaaaaa finish ledi.... so can't eat one

Dinner at Eleven Bistro

Nice deco

appertizer... papaya with anchovies... refreshing and spicy

Portugese Sambal Prawn... spicy and yum yum

Cencalok omellete... interesting taste... 1st time tried this dish.... 4/5

Portugese Baked Squid..... not so happening apart from the spiciness and bitter... anyway still can swallow since the squid is fresh

Same smile as usual... snap snap

Scary look with same smile... owwww big front tooth

Lol... unique way to paint their window in Malacca... not enough budget to paint it all

Very bad! so evil to hang this cow head skeleton...

mmmmm guess what is this????

My favourite Goreng Kuih Bakul... nice eat and even tapau back KL

pit pit ... the frog the alien????

Bibik Cendol satu!!!!

Yummy!!!! the gula melaka so delicious

Tamil Methodist Church

This is their weekend activities the old folk here just love to sing.... karaoke contest everytime I went there... never failed... this getting hotter and hotter when time getting darker....
Muar Otak????? not Muar Otak Otak???? mmmmm look like the Muar people will be in trouble since Malacca people is selling their Otak now... kekekeke

Yeay!!!! tired walking.... enjoy coffee while listening to music before travel back to KL

Beautiful poem!!!!

love the atmospere here

That blind girl play beautiful song too

Espresso with Chocolate ice cream & cream 'Hot Glaze Latte'

Tried Johor Kopi O in Malacca

The Cafe owner travel to 13 states and tried all different coffee and finally make his conclusion Kluang Kopi is the best among all!!!! How true is this claimed???? I am not sure either. For me all of us have our own taste preference....

This taste like Katie Perry song... 'Hot & Cold' kekekekeke

A refreshing Lime with Licorice and honey lime from Amoy...... yummmmm refreshing love it!!!!
Reach home eleven plus and I love this trip.... brought back pineapple tarts and 2 refreshing drinks above.... love it love it!!!!

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