Sunday, February 27, 2011

Crown Regency Escapade

I was waiting since 2pm this afternoon at Coffee Bean near Crown Regency. Yeah! waiting for delegates from oversea came here to Malaysia for Training under our company sponsorship. They are our client and they are government people.
I sacrificed my Sunday afternoon for them. uhuhuhuhu...
That Crown Regency place was ok except for narrow horrible parking. My car is too long and wide and I have problem getting down to basement and even getting my way out. Aigooo.... Thank God its free parking since I paid for these people check in.
Yeah! talking about my wiating escaped.... play around with my new so call ipad and my ovi until the battery went flat! ah! flight delay....
Then when they arrived , I helped them checked in and when time to give that so call 'allowance' aka tut tut money..... ah.... I feel wanna vomit blood... hate and disgusting to do all this nonsense. Those hand who receive these money is dirty hand and their face all lo0k like a fox to me. too much and against my principle!!!!! Me? the hand who is giving....mmmmmm I am innocent... but good experience huh!!!!! hope
Here goes my weekend. Sitting like a stone waiting for people at Coffee Bean and now back home headache and stomach upset because too much caffein from can of Coke Light and Large Latte.
Aisshhhhh.... i may end up sleep early tonigh... not feeling welll yeah again may be overdose...
Thought of introduce to the world my new toys but later.... I am sick tonight. hope I could regain my health back after good sleep.