Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Not easy

Yeay! my officemate gave me one jar of CNY homemade cookies... Yummy... thanks to her mum. I have chance to taste Dragon cookies, chocolate chips,cashew nuts cookies, peanut cookies,green pea cookies, pineapple tarts, butter cookies and ... owwhhhh did I left out anything??? mmmmm all in my stomach. hehehe...Thank you Auntie... xie xie nie ...I get myself one Chinese Godmother hahahaha... suppose to take photo of all that yummy cookies but lazy me to do so.
After holiday...I am looking forward for another holiday. My life at working place is the hectic one abnd I wish I could duplicate myself and finish all. But I have been evolve... I take one at the time and not like before... I was like want to do everything at one go and give pressure to myself.
Of course certain time I will deviate from the track...kekekeke but manage to let go certain things and close one of eyes and try to lead my life happier.... Life is short like many people says....
When you back home and your old folks demand things and always use the words...'May be is the last..' and sounds like threatening if its beyond capability or capacity. mmmmm last time may works... but from now on... my heart will keep saying this..... life is short and you never know maybe its my last too...hehehehe take it easy last is last. God never discriminate and irregardless any gender , race, young or old, rich or poor... when time comes... be prepared to go off.
Sometimes , when we make a wish beyond our capability or capacity that calls desire. Desire is a sin if we force others to fullfill beyond his or her capability or capacity. I always believe ,do if you can and if you can't , dont force yourself. Live moderately and if you capable to live in luxury pass some to the needy.

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