Friday, March 25, 2011

Friday Morning

A peaceful morning.
Waking up.. Washing up... Dolling up... Driving up...and the traffic was perfect! :)
Look up to the sky when the sun starting to shine and the clear blue sky right on top of me.

A bit boring though when the traffic starting to slow down on half way up to KL.
Decided to be a little playful with my neighbouring pajero chinaman uncle on the other lane.
Since last night , I watched that Tiffany, SNSD wink and cute I decided to be a copycat kekekeke ....

I turn my side face to the left and give the uncle .....Wink! wink! wink three times with the most beautiful and cute smile..... I admitted I don't look adorable like Tiffany but at least I tried ...ahahahaahaha ... I know I look like a pervert or horny woman but it is fun though... when that uncle gave the weird look ... I started to burst out into laughter... wakakakakakakaka.... uncle watch out for the car in front!!!!

Reached office, pick up my morning newspaper and head down to breakfast.
mmmm today breakfast is toast ,baked beans and bull eyed egg...mmmmm yummy!!!!

Finish eating , I am in the lemma... longing for San Francisco black coffee for almost 2 weeks... but the stingy out of me ... hesitate to treat myself with one.
I feel too much for a coffee... I am talking about price.
It is hard earn money , so when I want to spend for something like that make me thinking a thousand time before going ahead. I still reluctant.
At the end I just settle with hot plain water from my office water dispenser.
I wont admit I am stingy but I am just hate to waste money with a cup of expensive coffee.
When I want to spend for something like that..
My mind keep reminding myself about my old days....about my difficult and torturing working life...and how difficult to earn this money which requires blood, sweat, tears and a sacrifice to my health and youthful....

I read the news about the earthquake hit Myanmar and Chiangmai...mmmm weird... I dont have any sad feeling at all. Not like when the disaster hit Japan recently. Most of our Colleague is overthere but hey.... maybe my heart hate them too much turn me into an Ice Queen.Whatever.... as long as you don't disturb my peaceful Friday seek for help elsewhere and please don't bother me..

Friday is still a long day to go..... cheers and pray for everything will be fine.

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