Sunday, March 27, 2011

Great Weekend

Love this weekend! Quiete and calm... Started my Saturday morning with a breakfast meeting with my old friends. Good catching up with each other life! My dear Jack kind enough to download my precious korean drama for entertainment. Thank you dear! After the meeting head to MPH for my book and then straight home. I cook my dinner but end up have to call a friend for dinner out. Ah! I am such a terrible cook when I tried for healthy food. But Sunday, I manage to start my day with healthy food and compensate back with sinful food for lunch. hehehehehe evil inside me.
Fighting for their right....very noisy at Citibank last Thrusday with these people shouting and singing for their right... did I just said people singing for their right???? mmmmmm

Saturday morning look at Coffee Bean BV with Jack & Julie
Jack's laptop downloading dramas

Jack with his new Hyun Bin's hairstyle

Julie Mama Rock!!!!!

Love you both Jack & Julie... forever friend....wish you both live well, eat well and good health always.....

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