Sunday, March 6, 2011

I am No 4

Saya nombor empat or I am No 4 in English.
If I said this outloud people may think I am the 4th wife to somebody, or people may have mispeception that I am the 4th top rank in the company and many more to think of....
The fact is I watched this movie on Saturday. This is typical Michael Bay movie. For those who still don't know who is Michael Bay, he is the one directed the famous Transformer movie.
Talking about i am No 4 movie - alien, hot chicks, super power, innocent high school student trap in between of aliens fights and war. Aish! as what I predicted came from Michael Bay. Same old formula just like hindi movie and korean movie. All as expected from the start with no surprise at all..... whatever... this movie could release your weekday work stress and a good entertainment.
Here goes my snapshot of as usual my weekend delicacies dig in...... marvellous...
All photos taken use my new Nokia X5- still learning to adjust ...yeah my photo still need lot of improvement....

Photos of spices at Mak Cik Briyani

Me camwhore @ Sony

Camwhore @ my room @ Citibank 20th floor

My Saturday dinner - pari sotong ...marvellous taste

Previous Saturday dinner - Japenese Ramyeon @ Ichiban

Eel Bento

This is my first attempt - Kimchi Pancake..mmmm yummy
All you need mix flour (I use wholemeal organic unbleached flour), kimchi (cut into small pieces),egg,salt (dont put too much because kimchi is readily salty), water...mix it and fried with little bit of oil....mmmmmmm your kimchi pancake ready

Tomyam @ Mak Cik Briyani

Prawn Briyani @ Mak Cik Briyani..... yeah.... as mentioned I stop eating slaughtered food and now only egg anything non slaughter

Prawn Briyani before open the lid

Pickle compliment with Prawn Briyani

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