Monday, March 14, 2011

While I am enjoying

I feel devastated to witness such horrible disaster whille I am alive. I feel sad and hurt for the news.
All I ever heard it was history. This time it really happening.
Start from Tsunami wiped out Acheh and Sri Lanka and this time our great sun rising country Japan. Imagine the lost. The lost of family , your love ones and all beloging. The survivor need to move on and start all over again with strong heart and strong feet. The dead, we just pray with hope they could let go and go peacefully. This is all God will. He knows what he is doing.
I read in my favourite kpop news my beloved Kim Hyun Joong have a big heart. He immediately donated 10 million won to the victim in Japan. Saranghae.....Hyun Joong!
While I am enjoying food others are suffering for no food.... I feel a bit guilty in heart....
My mind does not wake up this morning... I drove to work half heartedly. Knowing the fact school holiday started. I feel I am schooling too and need a break too. But it is all in my sweetest dream. My work , my Boss will strongly object my wish. mmmmm.... my mind was very tired with my latest project. This may take at least 4 more months from now. I hope could see my hard work pay off soon...

Sinful chocolate lava from Secret Recipe

My attempt to cook my own kimchi sujebi.... what can I say this might look horrible but the taste was so refreshing yum yum for a simple single woman dinner :)-

Tea time last Saturday...sinful delicious!

Lets fight that crime....

my photo upside down posing with traditional CI NA MON Latte

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