Friday, April 15, 2011

Flue away

Aisssshhh... I am still 'sicko'! Itchy bitchy spider throat. I feel suffocated.
Force myself to go to work as usual and while trying my best to ignore my 'sickoness'.

Last night when I was about to sleep after medication, my phone rang.
On the other line was my Boss asking me do I have his house key.
Ah! you should just ask me where is your blue underwear then. (my heart protest)
How the hell I know and I never live there, duh!!!!!
Politely, I answer him I don't have your house key. Then he asked me again, Rina who have my house key????? Arrrrrggghhhh!!!! my heart was screaming.....How hell I know??????? I feel like pulling my hair and roll like a spring roll on the floor... What kind of question is this in the middle of the night??? Call your wife and ask for it le!!!!!!!

Came to work today with happy mood and my heart is singing it's Friday Friday Friday (Rebecca Black style :))

Hope I could recover soon.....

Finally booked hotel for my Medan trip in coming mid May 2011.
I feel very stress up because I am the organiser and need to take care of two old people. Oh! I have to keep reminding myself to remain calm and patience. I just wish its over soon and forget about it. I am very nervous right now. I more afraid of myself than anyone else. Hopefully I could control my temper well.

Maybe somewhere in July I will be joining my friends for R&R at Tanjung Jara Resort. Wow! can't wait for that. At least no need to worry so much as I just need to take care of only myself.

Flue flue go away....
Itchy throat heal away....
Chesty Cough please go somewhere else...
I got it I got it God... I will try to embrace myself...

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