Saturday, April 30, 2011

Too late

I have few photos from my previous weekend which I am still in lazy mood to upload.
Yeah! it is another weekend now.
I am waiting for this day almost every week.
I like the feeling of spending my time at my own leisure and do what ever I like.
Ithought of going out in the morning but end up doing my weekend chores.
mmmm... not in the mood again.
We will see whether I make my decision to service my car tyre.
I have been dragging this since 2 months ago.

Anyway, work place nothing much to talk about.
The time I am waiting for almost make to realise next week 3rd May 2011.
Manage to force through despite many challenges.
This is not the end of everything but this is just a starting point.
The most challenging part is the next step which I am quite nervous to face it.
Am I strong enough just for the sake of being the survivor?

The most important person whi suppose to show his face on the day not coming to the last minute. Yeah! this what my beloved friend always telling me 'Cause and effect'

When most of our time spends to earn cash for living, we don't need to neglect family just for the sake of money. Balance it up. Spend time, appreciate them and treat them good.
Do it before too late.

This person is on the midst of amending his neglecting part. For him damage have been very severe and to amend it back , no hope for him. Too late!

Earn that billion but no love or even loyalty around him.
His fate and destiny! May God show him the way....and bless his life.

My destiny is living day by day.... and face whatever challenge God bring down for me.
Anyway put aside all that feeling...
I will enjoy my weekend to the fullest and make it more meaningful.

Photo maybe later if I decide not to be lazy....kekekeke

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