Sunday, April 10, 2011

Weekend Enjoice

First week recruitment drive really exhaust me. Many types of people and mostly weirdo. An eye opening for me. I was sick with dry throat and dry cough. Damn so suffering! Doesn't stop me from having great weekend.... at least great at my own way. Here goes my exploration since last weekend.....
Stumble upon this place beside kajang - putrajaya highway....called De Exel Garden Cafe... I don't know whether I got the name right kekekeke but something like that le...

They are landscape consultant
We can enjoy the peaceful environment while enjoying the food. food not so great to me though!

While waiting for food.....

When order this bluish drink I expected the outcome...sugar water with blue colouring and can fruitcocktail.

Grilled cockles...mmmmm not bad!

They claimed this is original muar mee bandung.... the taste?? two thumbs down...what a let down...:(

Their in house specialty recommended. Fried rice with seafood. The taste is sweet and fruity... verdict? my two hand thumb down plus my two toe down down ehehehehe

Last Sunday brunch at Empire Gallery Subang Jaya at Sisters . I eat egg roll.

Longest indoor sliding in asia ???

There you go.... dare yourself by paying them MYR12 per slide

On display some artistic fashion...

Yesterday morning accident at Jalan Loke Yew...the motorcyclist got hit by car.

I spend my Saturday listening Seminar by Professor Lihua Yang on Protate disease at KL Chinese Assembly Hall. Sounds weird for a woman went for such talk but general knowledge, why not?

Wet wet Saturday... decided to visit China Town after almost 10 years never step my foot on that place. Not many Ah Beng with Tattoo selling in that place anymore but all I can see many foreigners seller. Not much changes except for the covered area. The rest are all the same. For me walk and look. Dare not open my mouth to bargain at this kind of place.

For me this public phone is unique

False teeth shop

This hindu temple has been here quite a while but this one after new renovation

What a mess up there????? I guess all the money has gone to their pocket more than to public?

another Temple and this one is Chinese temple

Jalan Hang Lekir

Famous street cakes...end up with famous durian puff and red bean swiss roll


Jalan Tun H.S Lee

Famous Seremban Siew Pow

Never taste this in my life

Not much changes agter 15 years

New look for Petaling Street

Cat tears drink ??? ehehehe this is direct translation but this is actually famous longan drink and they have been in business for more than 20 years at same spot

Grapes anyone???

Still at Petaling Street

Bak Kut Teh or Bak Good Teh??? Famous chineses pork herbal soup and they said it good for health....

Since I am seafood eater so it is not easy to eat satay nowadays.

I found one stall at China Town selling grilled prawn satay

Not nice environment to enjoy food????

Two avid photographer

five mutton for my friend and prawns for me

From outside this is Malaysian China Town

Kasturi Walk... I miss this part!

At last this is the end of my Saturday.... Sunday breakie with Dom at Levain. The place apparently sucks! yeah! they are famous and now the service getting terrible

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