Monday, May 30, 2011

Lazy Monday

Yes! it is Monday Monday...
4 more days to Saturday!!!!

I wish everyday is school holiday... less traffic jam.
So all children you no need to go to school , home schooling will be better :)

What I do last weekend?
Breakie at Old Town Jaya One on Sat with X Office mate.
Then shop at my favorite store.
Back home and then out again to try my luck for kungfu panda aka my brother.:)
But no luck ...end up eating yeah! me eat eat eat what else you want me to do.

Today ah!!!! look at that table of mind...mmmmm long day today especially my Bos is flying into Malaysia. I can't see the light for me to off early this week.

Now my mood swing is swinging up and down.

How nice if I don't choose to be greedy....
Then my life would be a lot easier!!!!!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Education System or me

As mentioned in previous entry I am searching for candidates to fill up Accounts Executive position. Today I met up with 3 more candidates.
All of them with Bachelor Degree in Accountancy with at least 6 months to a year.
Their age between 24-25 years old and graduated from their Degree at least a year ago.

I tested all of them with simple double entry.
Ah! to my disappointment all of them received '0' mark.
You will give them the same as well .....

Among answers received from them :

* Expenses in Credit Balance
* Sales in Debit Balance
* Furniture & fittings is expenses
* Debtors in credit balance

.... and they are all graduate of Bachelor Degree in Accountancy.
Ambition to be an Accountant.

After having a hard time testing them on basic double entry, here are some of very annoying answer I received :

Me : Do you know the questions I just asked you is basic foundation for accounting job?
Candidate : Yes. But I never learn all those.

Me : How do you earn your Bachelor Degree in Accountancy?
Cancidate : Nope. never remember I did that.

Me : Ahhhhhh.... your syllabus must be the different type of Accounting studies.mmmmm
Candidate : ahhhhh... true true (with very blur and innocent look)

Me : Why you want to leave your current employment?
Candidate : Current position is Accounts Clerk and I am a Bachelor Degree, I need to be an Accounts Executive position.

Me : Tell me role of Accounts Executive?
Candidate : Don't need to do ground work and documentation. Just present and analyse to the top management.

Me : What is full sets of Accounts?
Candidate : Income Statement

Me : Thats all?
Candidate : Yeah!

Me : How are you going to analyse thing if you don't even know Expenses suppose to be in Debit Balance and Debtor suppose to be in Debit Balance.
Candidate : I just report...

I have many things to write but it was very frustrating moment today.
I almost loose my patience facing all these young ones!

Good luck to these people.
I wonder what they learnt in their Degree???
I am one without a Degree but just work hard from bottom to the top. All through experience and initiative.

I believe all these Graduates earned their Degree by just memorising the theories to pass exam and forget about it after graduated.
They can't even practic what they had learned?
Is there something wrong with our education system?

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Recruitment Again and Again

The most sickening weeks is doing recruitment.
Yeah! whats up with all the youngsters nowadays???
They are not determined enough to face the challenge in real world.
I guess something wrong with education system which promoting spoon feeding to all these people.

Most of them find blaming people is the best solution to run away from problem rather than facing the fact and deal with it.

I advertised for Accounts & Admin Assistant position.
Requirement :
* Female
* At least LCCI Higher or Diploma in Accounting
* English speaking
* Knowledge in UBS software
* Fresh Graduate preferred

My in box received almost 60 applications mostly Bachelor Degree mostly in Finance and I have few guys applicants too. Not too mentioned most of the candidates expected salary is RM3,500 and above per month. I also have 3 candidates with MBA applied. Not too mentioned Graduate from Bachelor Degree of Physics, Social Science and many other craps!

Oh! God is it the market is that bad or just simply click apply?

Here goes when calling them for interview....

Response receive will be :

* Who?
* What position do I applied?
* I have to check on my schedule first
* Some even said they are not free

My girl at the other end who diligently tried to call the candidates in for interview need to drink more and more coffee to cure her frustration with the response.Poor girl!

When I was reading one of the resume, it was hilarious....

One girl trying to explain on why she left her current company and wrote :

Previously me and my husband worked at same company. So I am ridding my husband to work.......

I could not continue reading her essay anymore.... OMG!!!! OMG!!!!

My mind has gone wild....

Imagining she was ridding her husband to work wakakakaka....

When I remember her story, I laugh in toilet, I laugh in the lift , I even laugh while driving back home and even while talking to phone.... Ah!!!!!! I am going crazy because of this girl.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Medan Trip - Day 2

Wah! internet connection too slow these days.
I got very frustrated to upload photos.
Eventhough not complete uploading for Day 2 but at least something up too my level of patience.

Day 1 at Medan was enjoyable.
Day 2 my day was like riding on roller coster for almost 6 hours.
The feeling was terrible.
The journey to Gundaling and Togging to see the mount Sibayak, Mount Piso Piso and Lake Toba was very unpleasant.

Reviews over the internet was a bit exaggerated.
Most said only 2 hours from Medan City but based on my true experience the bumpy journey took almost 4 hours.
Going through the small road with countless big holes is really tiring.

However, throughout the whole journey one may experience proverty with own eyes on huge gap in standard of living between city and rural areas.
As usual this happens all over the world where the corruptions being the barriers.

I could experience more adventure if I travel alone.
What a pity since this time round I have some limitations to experience more of locals

Here goes... uploaded photos with my level of patience....

The magnificient rural area scenery... take your breathe away after all the hardship you gone through to reach there. Those volcanoes are still active.

One could imagine in different world

What with this photo????? I don't understand my eyes too...

Mount piso piso right in front!

I am coming to you Mount piso piso

Here goes the water falls.... wish this is niagara falls hahaha

I reach togging... look at that... THE LAKE TOBA VIEW FROM TOP

Wow... beautiful

Look at that the lake toba...

Bumpy ride worth it!

The vendors below near togging

We are coming down to lake toba... it was raining heavily

Still raining though ... what a pity but I still got down from car and snap whatever I can

Wow!!!!! look at that... the Lake Toba in front of me... God is Great to create such a magnificient view..

Whatelse can I say??? So calm...

Activities near lake toba

Journey back to medan city here goes the bumpy ride again

This is their 'Angkutan' aka public transport of mini bus

The journey seems too long... just can't wait to reach medan city

I don't know how to translate this maybe something got to do with punishment ministry???

You can see many motorbikes like this selling bread

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Medan - 1st Day

Camwhore at airport while waiting to board the plane

Hotel interior...reasonable

1st camwhore @ hotel before off for 1st night dinner in medan

Place to sleep in Medan

Medan City view from my room

Beautiful sky

As usual snap snap to kill my time

At Jala Jala restaurant for my 1st night dinner

Medan Trip - The Food

Seafood Porridge for lunch @ Marrybrown before take off to Medan

My 1st night dinner
- at Jala Jala Restaurant next to where I stay. Conveniently, the place I stayed in Medan connecting to small Shopping Mall call The Cambridge Mall. It is a Chinese Style Restaurant. I taste some of their best dim sum.
Since I only eat seafood , my dim sum choice is with prawn.
Guess, my cholesterol level still shooting up even after two weeks back from Medan. :)

Forgot the name - outer base is from bread and the filling is prawn with some sauce. Juicy inside and crispy from the outside. Delicious!

Owh! still prawn inside. The skin is soft and with sticky milk. Sweet! but still good taste though...

Seafood fried rice. Not bad!

Grilled fish rice. I love the butter rice..mmmmm delicious! but the minus is the fish is too sweet.

Dumpling with prawn inside

Seafood tomyam Medan style. OMG!!!! too sweet and taste yucky! :( thumbs down

Seriously this one is nice ... fresh prawn inside those wrap.

2nd day

- breakfast at hotel buffet. Food are variety and international style.

1st round choice-freshly made pancake with butter & honey and I tried their famous layer cake too

2nd round breakfast at 2nd day - freshly bake waffle with butter&honey and also omelet with mushroom filling.
I need to eat more because I could only eat dinner and skip my lunch because the journey I am going to take does not allow me to stop to eat lunch due to hygiene concern.

Teri Fish Fried Rice for 2nd night dinner

Yeah bought my dinner from Nelayan Restaurant

Cheese Fingers - local snack I bought to taste.... 2 stars

3rd Day

1st round breakfast buffet at hotel - Pecal - one of the famous local food. Steam vegetables with peanut sauce. Not bad!

2nd round breakfast buffet - fresh waffle with honey&raisins plus some local cakes

3rd round breakfast buffet - fruit cocktails

4th round breakfast- pancakes with cheese & honey

3rd day - lunch @ famous Minang food Restaurant call ' Garuda Restaurant'.
This restaurant is everywhere around Medan and operate 24/7. Their restaurant also well presentable.

Kuinin juice - one type of Mango..... not really like this :( but at least I tried hehehehe

Thank God! the table I choose is the small one... their custom is to bring whatever dishes in their restaurant out and put on your table. They will only charge the food you touch. Not bad and good experience.

Tea time - Yogurt at J&Co @ Sun Plaza

Here comes 3rd day dinner(i mean final dinner @ Medan) - Honey lemon for drink

Famous Murtabak Mesir - basically crispy skin and the filling is from egg & some herbs leave and dip it with sour gravy

Juicy prawn burger

Crispy prawn

Prawn fried rice - look at that green colour bird eye chillies...... hot hot hot

I enjoy and grateful for every meals I had during my time there in Medan.
I could not explore too much of street food since I am too concern of their hygiene.
Most of the place are quite dirty on the street.
My preference still the restaurant beside my hotel. :)